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  1. Finaly finished my CFO - ROTJ Bucket. I hope all of you like it.
  2. Here is my CFO ROTJ Helmet that i received a few weeks ago. I need opinion about the opening of eyes and frown is it OK or i have to open up a bit ? Also need info about what glue we use to build the helmet ? Thank you
  3. Guys, thank you all for your kind comment. I really loved this helmet and tempted me to order another helmet from Troopermaster.......it's ANH Hero Helmet.
  4. Look what i received today, a brown box from Paul Troopermaster. It's a rare Troopermaster Hero ESB helmet, i'am very happy cause nothing broken or scratch to the helmet when i open the box. Here is a few pic of the helmet. Thank you Paul for this beautiful helmet.
  5. Very nice lid you got there. Hero lid is my next wishlist.
  6. Thanks Vern. Stairs is pain in the **s to work with Thanks for the compliment. Will do that.....connect forearms to the biceps with elastic. Thank you for your nice comment.
  7. This is my armor from ATA Works, me test fit the armor. Still WIP, must add Thermal Detonator, Holster and Blaster. Below a video me wearing the armor. Thanks for watching.
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