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  1. Did somebody (accidentally?) change the CRL away from 'gray' drop boxes and to 'white' drop boxes? I noticed this a month ago or so and thought it might get highlighted by now, but perhaps not. The photo is still correct but the text doesn't mention gray. I could have sworn, earlier in 2017, it definitely said gray. Here is the current link and text: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_commander Belt For 501st approval: Belt face is made of plastic (TK ammo belt). The soft belt proper is tightly woven nylon/cordura like/style material or material with a tightly woven nylon/cordura like/style covering. Size is 2.25" (57mm) to 2.5" (64mm) wide. The color is white to off-white. The drop boxes are painted white and dangle from the sides of the plastic front belt (ammo belt) via white straps and are aligned under the plastic tabs of the ammo belt. For level two certification (if applicable): The belt material is lightly aged (battle worn), but not weathered like a Sandtrooper (TD). Leather and vinyl are not accurate. There are two square buttons, one on each end of the plastic ammo belt. The center square button is not accurate. Belt face(TK ammo belt)and drop boxes are lightly scuffed (battle worn), but not weathered like a Sandtrooper (TD). For level three certification (if applicable): The corners of the plastic ammo belt shall be trimmed at a 45 degree angle. Drop boxes are closed in the back. The belt proper shall have (eight total) white rivets. Two rivets close to each side of the thermal detonator, and two rivets approximately an inch away from the edge of the ammo belt (The rivets form a rectangular pattern).
  2. Keep in mind that weapons (blasters, sabers) are NOT required for basic approval. Virtually all weapons for all costumes are listed under "optional". Yes, that saber is great for basic approval. There is no level 2 for the saber but there is for level 3. My guess is, your saber hilt is perfectly fine for level 3 as long as you stick to the blade colors listed. Lightsaber (The Force Unleashed) For 501st approval: The hilt is Graflex style or has the characteristics of the Graflex, (reference Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from ANH and ESB). If the lightsaber has a blade, it may be one of the color blades used in the video game, The Force Unleashed. The choice of blade colors are: Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Purple, Red and Yellow. Note: Double blades, small Yoda style lightsaber, or inexpensive non-FX Hasbro Lightsaber toys are not allowed. For level two certification (if applicable): For level three certification (if applicable): The hilt shall be made to reference Starkiller's lightsaber (as seen in The Force Unleashed). If the lightsaber has a blade, it may be one of the color blades used in the video game, The Force Unleashed. The choice of blade colors are: Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Purple, Red and Yellow.
  3. I have basic approval for the TKC. I am in process of getting the square buttons, drop box enclosures and a few other items (5th ab button, etc) to work on Centurion when I get time this summer. I also want to revisit the ear painting and verify what I need to do there.
  4. Thanks and no rush. Hope celebration was good. It looked like fun. I am traveling abroad for a couple more weeks and will get back on it May 1.
  5. I am feeling good about basic approval. I have a lot of 2nd/3rd level items in the works (although not sure where to get square buttons yet for the belt but still on the prowl). Anyway, for basic approval, thinking I am about ready. If anyone has feedback, let me know! Thanks again.
  6. I finished my initial paint work. I have edge clean-up to do to tighten some spots. I still have to take care of the ab buttons and drop boxes which I haven't touched yet. And in between, I am working on some weathering.
  7. Had some time to work on taping out the new bucket and started on the chest; I am going to recheck my measurements. The back is tricky but getting there. On the bucket, it does appear they paint over the one trap a little bit, but not all of it. I will investigate further.
  8. I have secured a 2nd bucket. I love my ROTJ Helm too much to try to retrofit it too much. The ANH TK helm has the core painting (frown) and (flat green) lenses I need already, and has the screws in the ears for level 2-3. So, although I think it's entirely defensible and arguable to use the ROTJ helm for level 1, I opted for a different bucket. I will be ROTJ (CFO) from the neck down and then a ANH bucket. I need the anchor details on the ears and then, of course, the blue paint/stripe. I have mesh for the frown too.
  9. Working through colors at local paint store. It's not the greatest lighting there, but the color that seems a good match. It looks a little bright under the light and a little dark without it but blame the photographer! Taping off the arms, the stripe on the outside. And arm stripe on the underside, tapering slightly. Also working on initial taping of the legs, including masking off where I will retain the 2 white stripes on the right thigh. From the photos, the CRL and many other photos, it appears that 2 of the 5 ammo belt are blue and 3 remain white. From the game file in particular, that makes it appear to not be a complete straight line from upper leg to lower leg. Arms and right leg are coming along. The left leg doesn't get any work done to it so that's easy. Will continue tweaking the taping here and start working on the chest and back. Measuring that out appears a bit trickier. Helmet wise, I decided to pull the trigger on ANH stunt helmet and I hope to get that sorted out by end of March.
  10. When I picked up the CFO ROTJ armor ~3 years ago, I had in mind to convert to a TKC. It was the main reason I went with ROTJ armor. Many troops, months, years and another child later , I am finally getting around to get going on the conversion project. For some of you, it's all quite trivial I imagine (easy paint job! fix this to that and bam done) but for me, sheer panic! Once I put the first drop of paint on it, I fear there's no going back and if I muck it all up, well...hey, there's always the commissary to sell BUT, no, we shall not surrender. We shall figure it out. Yes, we shall. So, where are we going with this? My speed with vary. I can't rush anything and yet, I won't be idle too long either. Here are my thoughts, wading through the CRL for the TKC vs the ROTJ. Please let me know if any massive red flags. http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_rotj versus http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_commander Helm grown gray paint and dropbox gray paint appears to be: Testors 11TT-1138 Enamel Paint Open Stock, 0.25-Ounce, Gloss Grey. The black “anchors” on the ears looks like sharpie or basic black paint to solve. The blue paint on the costume: some people do 1 coat, 2 coats, 3 coats, 4 coats. I think I will try for 2 coats. I will do a base coat of Tamiya TAM85064 TS-64 Dark Mica Blue and then top coat of Dupli-Color DA1620 Royal Blue General Purpose Acrylic Enamel. Right off the bat: controversy. The first item in the CRL is the helmet. It APPEARS to my untrained eye that the ROTJ helmet is sufficient for 1st level TKC with some minor tweaks. It seems like the ANH Stunt helm is usually recommended as the base for Level 2 and 3. Assuming I can stick with the ROTJ helm, the CRL requires flat lenses (to replace my current green bubbles) and gray paint on the frown (rather than black) and then the blue paint. Decisions, decisions. I ended up acquiring a 2nd bucket, see down below. 2) Neck seal and Undersuit...no problem. 3) Shoulder straps level 1. The CRL's appear identical so I assume I am good there. There is some discussion/controversy on the ROTJ shoulders for tier 3 (rivets or no rivets) but that's for another year. 4) Shoulder bells. Again, looks in sync with my current ROTJ. Needs to be painted blue, of course. 5) Upper Arm and Forearm. Again, looks identical. Need to be painted blue in some spots. 6) Handplates. These are quite different from ROTJ. Easy enough to solve via http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/35702-fs-latex-and-silicone-hand-guards-for-level-3/ 7) Gloves are gloves, more or less, and I have plenty of them. Just need the new handplates. 8) Chest. Looks identical to the ROTJ other than some blue paint. 9) Back, again looks good, other than blue paint. 10) Abdomen is pretty close. Some more blue paint is needed and all of the buttons need to be painted black. The nice thing about the ROTJ is it has the inverted (from ANH/ESB style) button detail already. Level 3 requires five vertical buttons rather than the four but that's a project for another year. 11) Kidney/Posterior also looks good as-is. Level 3 would require adding some rivets but that's for another day. 12) Belt--also in good shape although the drop boxes need gray paint instead of the standard white. 13) Thermal Detonator TD. Seems fine as-is. 14) Thigh and lower leg are good, just need some paint. 15) Boots - need paint 16) My ROTJ has a holster which needs removal since the TKC doesn't have one. Happy about that, actually as the ROTJ holster is annoying and I don’t think they ever holstered their weapons in the ROTJ movie because it is a cross-pull annoyance Anyway, good-bye holster! In summary, I need to sort out: A) Is ROTJ helmet salvageable for level 1. Need to research a bit more. Are there strong opinions on this or really up to the local garrison? I may just grab ANH Stunt so I could do level 3 later on more easily. B)Painting and there’s good leads here http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/15454-tkc-paint-color-chart/ and http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/16590-paint-dimensions/ C) hand plates ANH style After more research and any feedback, I will start pulling together missing components and paint and start getting to work.
  11. I opted to work with sskunky not just on the kit itself, but also on trimming/strapping it out. If you are looking to do a ROTJ TK, sskunky is the way to go! I'll start by saying I'm using an ESB E-11 by THGProps. He makes incredible weapons and you can get more info here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/23598-thg-props-rubber-e-11-build-thread-pic-heavy/ I made contact through the board with sskunky and we quickly sorted out the details. sskunky communicated clearly his estimated timeframe and kept me updated every few weeks with photo updates of the project. He was a pro in all respects. The Imperial Commissary was quite helpful in sorting out the final details (boots, neckseal etc) Much has already been posted about the great attention to detail on the helmet so I don't have much more to add. It's a sweet helm. The Mic tips are spot on! As mentioned, I am using a hyperfirm from THGProps. You can see here, through a few pics, the detail on the strapping and trimming: Shins front: Shins back: Thighs front: Thighs back: A few pics of the shoulders and arms: And the detonator: Before: After: Really after:
  12. Hi: Requesting access for TK-42121 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17553 Cloud City Garrison, Oregon & SW Washington
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