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  1. Why don't we add the people to contact to order an armor? Most of them wander here around in the forum.
  2. Hi Paul, I am interested in a full set ANH. PLEASE contact me ruggerotaschini@gmail.com , Cheers Ruggero

  3. Hi, I was looking for a cases strong enough to resist in a airplane bulk, better with its own wheels. I found these made in aluminium, but are quite expensive -------- any of you know something cheaper. thank you Ruggero
  4. I bought these in a local store here in UK at 50£ in black http://www.theshoesshop.co.uk/store/item/645/new-mens-black-chelsea-boots-leather-casualwork-shoes-size-uk-6-12 after dyed http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream after weathered http://www.flickr.co...in/photostream/ under the armor http://www.flickr.co...in/photostream/ Ruggero
  5. I painted the elastic band, and doesn't look so bad -----------
  6. I love the shading.....Hats off!!!! Nice work!!
  7. I did the same, I ordered an E-11 kit and I received suddenly a reply Thank you Darren anyway
  8. IT WORKED!!! Casey replied to me after asking him to add a DLT-19 to my order. guys here the chat, I am not sure 100% if he will reply to your mails using the one from where he replied. - "On Jun 12, 2012 6:51 PM, "the freak" <the-freak@ntlworld.com> wrote: Hi there At the moment we have a waiting list for them as they are all made to order. If you wish to go on the waiting list please let me know and I will add you on. How soon did you need one by? Kind regards Casey " - "Soon as possible Please put me on your list. I knew that some other guys from UK Garrison and 1st Detachment (FISD) are trying to contact you. Like me they're using the mail on the DDs website. Please reply to their mails. (Henryk from Sweden and Morten Arl from Kolding, Denmark ) Cheers, Ruggero Taschini Sorry guys if I sent him your names, but I thought you needed to contact Casey. Hope this helps
  9. Then I order a E-11 kit from Doopydoos, asking to add a DLT-19 It's worth to try....and also I needed a blaster I'll keep you updated about this
  10. 07765993672 is switched off...I sent a text message...yes I will mate.
  11. I am going to call'em every hour... "patience is a virtue"
  12. What should I do now? It's something like a week and I am still sending e-mails to order the DLT-19....boring. I am not the guy that is used to give up...but they are tightening the rope.... Any suggestions for another DLTl-19 replica in UK?
  13. Always watch beyond the horizon...looking for Droids

  14. If I was you I would try adding an elastic band between the biceps and the bell
  15. Thanks for the pictures, I was just wondering if was worth to try a Doopydoos kit... I'll go for it now!!!
  16. Thanks mate...you're a good backup of energies. I'll try again as you suggested.
  17. Thank you very much, I'll post some pictures in the next few days. It just arrived the Iron to recover some bad edges on the armor..we'll see if am able to burn everything.
  18. I saw people paint the line between the bumps and sometimes at different distance from ear to ear from the very end of the square, is it right?
  19. I almost finished to restore my helmet, and I am painting the ears. I filled the rounded square shape with the Humbrol Grey with the Black outline, but I am struggle to find references for the vertical line that should be linked to the rank. Any suggestions? Ruggero
  20. I want a DLT-19 for me too!!! On the website is out of stock...
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