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  1. Thank you guys! Yeah, found that out too late sadly Really? Didn't think that the holes would ever disappear... well, I wanted to try it anyways and, in the worst case, sewing a new belt myself. Thanks for the info! I didn't use any e6000 on my armour actually, it's just Loctite 454. It's fast-drying and holds it together like hell, unfortunately that's also a curse if you have to redo something Special thanks to Darman - it's your neckseal
  2. Hey guys, Since I checked out the image in the photo reference topic, I found this diagram: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/image/2469-anhholsterplacement01/ Now I'm wondering, I fitted my holster as it was marked from RS with two black dots, and now it seems to be wrong. Is the diagram fitting the correct one? If I'm gonna correct that mistake, I'll only have one shot, so I'd like to ask you first. Cheers, Marcus
  3. Thank you very much, Steve! The T-Tracks on my blaster didn't come with the kit. There were resin type T-Tracks in the kit, but they were impossible to bend for me, so I ordered a set of Marv's T-Tracks here in the forums. They are outstanding and can be bent easily in boiling water. You're right with the seam line of the kidney - I do have a few pounds too much around my waiste, so I decided to leave the belly a little more space But I guess I'll have to change thay anyways if I want to go for Centurion... The Scope is actually an M-77G scope since I wasn't able to get my hands on a real M-38 I also have a resin M-38 which was in the kit, but the M-77 is looking pretty nice compared to the fake one. However, I did them interchangeable, so I won't have a problem if I need to put on the M-38. Thank you for your nice words, Phil! As described above, I did the overlap on purpose, but I will change that before going further The holster is the real problem I'm afraid... As you can see in the phothgraph, the black marks were already there to show where the holster should be attached - when I build my armour, I wasn't aware of the fact that the holster would be that far on the back. However, the main problem is ordering and building a new canvas belt, since I don't think I can get the squares above the rivets off without damaging the belt piece, so I'd have to order also a new plastic belt piece. Bad situation, but I'll work on that. Thanks to all of you guys for your congrats and tips on my armour. I'm sure I'll make it to Centurion some day with your help Regards, Marcus
  4. Personal Information: Name: Marcus Lesch ID: TK-13370 Garrison: German Garrison, White Shadow Squad Armor: RS Helmet: RS Blaster: PVC Pipe Build (DVH Kit) Boots: TKboots Front Back Left Right Detail Left Detail Right --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ab Details Action Shot Cod & Butt Plate Attachment Interior Strapping Helmet Front Helmet Left Helmet Right Helmet Back Helmet Mic Tips Helmet Lens Color Blaster Left Blaster Right Neckseal Thermal Det Holster Attachment
  5. Please enable me for 501st access. TK-13370 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16060 Thx.
  6. Same happened to me yesterday - did you manage to stop the crack from going further with a piece of scrap on the inside?
  7. Hi Ducati, Outstanding work on the E11. However, I've checked your .zip file and I can't find the scope graphic for the crosshair printout. Did I miss that or is it just not uploaded? Could you provide us with a printable version of the crosshair? A friend of mine is working with car wrap foils and maybe he could be able to plot it out Cheers, Marcus
  8. Hey Brian, Congrats on your RS kit. I'll get mine in March, then the trembling starts for me, too Good luck with your build! Can't wait to see your progress.
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