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  1. Bienvenue, N'hésitez pas à contacter Tolo. Vous êtes chanceux, c'est un spécialiste et en plus, il parle français
  2. Thanks a lot for your answers, guys, So...for be a private first class for Centurion level. - Right side: -Left side
  3. Hi bros, I have a question. I decided to do my TK with the private first class rank. So if I check the ranks (http://i405.photobucket.com/user/Billhag/media/RankEarMarkings01.jpg.html) I add only one bar...on the right but for the other side, is it this place... or this one ?
  4. My first armor was FX, solid, but not accurate (2011) I made my TD with an ATA armor. I loved to work this armor. When I decided to change my Tk, I bought an AP armor. It's a good armor but the belly was too short. (the new model is corrected). So, I bought ATA for changing my AP. Love ATA armor.
  5. Contact Doopydoo and ask if E11 is available. It was same for me. I contacted him and asked if E11 complete kit was in stock. He said yes, so I bought my kit from Doopydoo [emoji4]
  6. Salut et bienvenue, As-tu regardé Les TKarmor (check sur Facebook ) Perso, je n'ai eu que des ATA et AP, mais je connais des membres de plusieurs garnisons qui ont des TKarmor et ils en sont tres satisfaits [emoji4] Je te parle de ça, car ces armures ne sont pas cheres, déjà trimmées et les délais de livraisons sont très corrects.
  7. Friends bought new TK at Anaheim. Hum...!!! kit is very expensive !!! (and you'll need to buy blaster and boots too)
  8. TK/TD 6589 - Canadian Garrison / Imperial Fortress Squad - Requesting Access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=13639&costumeID=124
  9. Hi guys, I got my RomFx since 3 years. All was ok. Since few months, the volume is low, very low. I changed battery, but it was same. I tested with an other amplifier, same. I tested without RomFx, the volume was high. Is someone know what's happening with my RomFx ? Thanks guys for your help.
  10. AP has more details, but I prefer work with ATA.
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