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  1. Bienvenue, N'hésitez pas à contacter Tolo. Vous êtes chanceux, c'est un spécialiste et en plus, il parle français
  2. Thanks a lot for your answers, guys, So...for be a private first class for Centurion level. - Right side: -Left side
  3. Hi bros, I have a question. I decided to do my TK with the private first class rank. So if I check the ranks (http://i405.photobucket.com/user/Billhag/media/RankEarMarkings01.jpg.html) I add only one bar...on the right but for the other side, is it this place... or this one ?
  4. My first armor was FX, solid, but not accurate (2011) I made my TD with an ATA armor. I loved to work this armor. When I decided to change my Tk, I bought an AP armor. It's a good armor but the belly was too short. (the new model is corrected). So, I bought ATA for changing my AP. Love ATA armor.
  5. Contact Doopydoo and ask if E11 is available. It was same for me. I contacted him and asked if E11 complete kit was in stock. He said yes, so I bought my kit from Doopydoo [emoji4]
  6. Friends bought new TK at Anaheim. Hum...!!! kit is very expensive !!! (and you'll need to buy blaster and boots too)
  7. TK/TD 6589 - Canadian Garrison / Imperial Fortress Squad - Requesting Access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=13639&costumeID=124
  8. Hi guys, I got my RomFx since 3 years. All was ok. Since few months, the volume is low, very low. I changed battery, but it was same. I tested with an other amplifier, same. I tested without RomFx, the volume was high. Is someone know what's happening with my RomFx ? Thanks guys for your help.
  9. AP has more details, but I prefer work with ATA.
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