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  1. So i have a general question. i have an Anovos TK kit an my right thigh pieces are warped. i have contacted Anovos for a replacement part and to no surprise they don't have any avail at this time. BIG SHOCKER!!. i have contacted WTF and he said he can send me those pieces but couldn't promise that the colors would match. Anyone have experience with both the Anovos and WTS TK armor to let me know how close it is or if the color is way off? Thank you much
  2. Awesome i will trim a little off the top them and just keep trimming tell i get the perfect height/fit. as far as the shimming goes is there at link or a webpage on how to do it properly and not mess it up?
  3. I've noticed that the thigh armor is a little long on my test fit. Can i trim around the top of the thighs to make a better fit and if i do will it hinder my 501st approval? Also if i an trim i plan on starting small but where should the bottom of the thighs rest on my leg so i know when to stop? Also my biggest problem i am having is i have bigger thighs and the back don't connect for the cover strip, there's a gap about 1/2-1in apart? Any ideas? http://s50.photobucket.com/user/grovelbegger1977/media/stormtrooper%20armor%20build/20170615_220345_001_zpszrbcu8bs.jpg.html?sort=3&a
  4. starting to get the build going. started on gluing. let me know what you think.
  5. Sup everyone. Needing help finding a good E-11 blaster kit so that i can complete my tk armor. Any ideas? Trying to avoid evilbay if i can but may need to be last option.
  6. Shout out to Brack Lee for my new Anovos tk kit. That BBB looks great in my house. But the stuff inside looks even so much better. Fun times are a coming.
  7. I don't think everyone is attacking him. In fact i know everyone is not attacking him. The reason some of the people are in question or are questioning his armor is that they have asked him for certain things that would possibly answer their concerns that he hasn't responded to. Again not saying that hes hiding anything maybe he hasn't taken pictures yet. I have talked to David from tkarmour many of times and he is very polite and he does respond and answers question. However when someone is paying hundreds of dollars on something whether its storm trooper armor, accessories, or anything else
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