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  1. With a little delay, I want to show you the build of my own full metal power cylinders with real vintage METALMITE capacitors for the E-11 ANH blaster. After 7 years of hunting, I was lucky to find some real vintage TCC METALMITE capacitors which were accurate enough for my Sterling conversation build. I completed the capacitors with: - real vintage resistors - real vintage cloth coated isolation - metal baseplate "D" shape - aluminium pipe - metal endcaps - copper tubes - screws - nuts - square nuts
  2. Working around with my own build full metal power cylinders with real METALMITE capacitors, I assembled a kit to my old E-11 Sterling conversation.
  3. https://www.supermagnete.de/scheibenmagnete-neodym/scheibenmagnet-10mm-0.6mm_S-10-0.6-N
  4. Hi mate, as the Doopydoo`s mag housing is resin and my power cylinder prototype is also plastic, I glued the kit with a litle E-6000 drop. Indeed I used little magnets on my Sterling conversation with my own build full metal power cylinders...
  5. Not really. It´s only my lightweight trooping blaster. I have two real Sterling builds, with all vintage parts, so I´m fine.
  6. It was about time to update my 8 year old E-11 Doopydoo`s alu pipe mix trooping blaster... So I dissassembled the idealised Doopy power cylinders and assembled an early prototype version from my own build power cylinders. I think the result is woth it.
  7. added more Hengstler counters and other parts to my ebay account. Link in first post
  8. Hard to see but maybe you are right with the smaller eagle on the R1 counter.
  9. sprayed 3 layers with plasti dip for a nice rubber surface, my final result:
  10. filled the Hengstler engraving from the top part with green stuff: drilled the screw holes into the top part and installed real screw heads, smoothen the edges:
  11. cutted out the clean sidewall: installed my resin replica eagle sidewall: disassembled all unnecessary inner parts, installed real srews in the sidewall, fixed the reset button (pressed mode):
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