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  1. Looking for a resin bolt my self can someone point me in the right direction please
  2. Hi I am starting a new E-11 build and starting to gather parts. I am hoping to use a least one real part on it, due to gun laws I limited to non gun parts for this so to cut story short the aim is to get a real M38 scope. What I would like to ask is what is a fair price for one in goodish condition, are Ebay prices OK or over priced. Love to get your advice on this
  3. DD pipe kit , Hengstler replica from Snaggletooth ordered. Sadly real folding stock up for sale (pm me) due to gun laws here
  4. I am just starting to gather parts for a pipe build , have done one in past but what a better one. I started by getting a real stock but tight gun laws one New Zealand may mean it cann't be shipped here (anyone interested in one pm me) is there any one who makes working replica stocks? I will be using 40mm pvc as unable to get 38mm pipe here. i am looking for the best T-track for my my project and would like to know what you guys suggust. Many thanks Greg
  5. Just looking on Doopy Doo site and noted STORMTROOPER E-11 COMPLETE ANH E-11 BLASTER KIT in stock
  6. Hi I am working on a New hope E-11 but can not make up my mind about fitting the wires on cylinders, and if I do where do they go? Please give me your views on these to help me decide many thanks Greg
  7. Hi I and planning to save from a TK armor set but need some help. I and not sure what is available apart from sets I have seen on E-bay. I am 5'7" abit over weight and my legs are short, so any help on what set would most likely fit me best would be great. Please keep in mind I have a wife 2 kids 2 cat 1 dog and a mortage and poor paying job= not much money to put in. Not sure of prices of differant sets. I do already have an AP helmet and e-11 blaster! Also can you tell me what things are wrong with the FX set apart from the helmat and chest plate Thanks Greg
  8. Hi Just working on my first E-11 blaster and have got to the paint stage. Using satin black over gold on sight but unsure if flat black is right for the main blaster. What do you guy use to get movie prop finish. thanks Greg
  9. Hi I would also like conact info please Regards Greg
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