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  1. I am your size and my AP armor fits perfectly
  2. Skyone thanks for sharing you did a great job on this i plan to make one but with less features
  3. Do we have any troopers this size out there ?
  4. I will do the droid hunt were do I sign up
  5. Frog was a nick name I got in the Navy the jeep is from up north I was big into rock crawling and building jeeps
  6. I would like to buy a kit if you do end up selling them
  7. There is plans to add that just not sure were I put my extra small screwdriver tips
  8. I dropped my blaster after the Disney Star Wars parade first day figured I would post up my repair since I see a lot of you are building doopy doos full resin kits The front sight broke off I use BBC prints for forward sight I trimmed off the rest of the sight leaving the center block just replacing the side hoops Little paint and back in business and it is more accurate to a real sterling One small note I got hold a real sterling and the small vent hole at the front of the barrel my shield is backward like most I have seen
  9. I agree and I seam to get a lot of complements on my AP armor
  10. He didn't send you any trim strips? I used the widest trim strip I had Maybe he will send you some more for a small fee I really would only use the same ABS or it will be hard to match color This is what you get when you trim yourself as you can see not much you can use. I do stll have all of it if you think you can use it
  11. I don't know I need something easy to learn
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