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  1. Hi Wondering which is worrying to me for a start has anyone thought for the novice builder that has a talent for building like a brick ever thought that detailed diagrams would help I know I may be barking up the wrong tree but I`m the brick type not one bit of skill or idea where the poppers are to be places straps and other stuff what goes into the armour ......just a thought someone may have thought the same way even Tamiya give you a plan to build lol my armour still boxed up just smirking at me and I must admit the most minty kit I have ever bought Cheers guys
  2. Got the armour is the thermal detonaotor a seperate build and if so what are the dimensions and how to attach it to the belt any pics out there any info anything guys ????? thanks for the help which I hope will be posted .
  3. After many many e mails to doopys about a replacement front sight for a E11 blaster I was wondering if any spares out here which I would exchange for coin of the realm doopys I am thinking need a meduim to get in touch with or just plain ignorant not in my eyes a way to run a business in any way or form bitter ??? yes and no yes due to the no reply and no because just maybe they are rushed of their feet with orders but 4 weeks seems to be taking the mickey .
  4. Got my first box of armour and was wondering if anyone has got any pics of where the connections go and just to give me a guideline where and what to do got everything I need just to take the first step any help would be welcome Thanks
  5. Take it from me YOU ARE !!!great to see builds like this well done and keep up the good work mate all the best from the UK
  6. What I`d give to be that handy my first attempt and last was a smashed up fore sight envious is`nt a word big enough but I can also say bloody marvellous you guys who do this type of work like a duck what takes to water Kudos to you all everyone of you .
  7. Tried doopey doo`s and to be honest I have the kit but found out time and me go seperate paths at the moment due to wife in the hospital and work so Im looking for a completed blaster to pass inspection for the UK garrison but thanks for the reply .
  8. Right had a go at building a blaster with results which look like the blaster had been hit by a blaster and besides the wife being in Hospital my mind is out with the stars I just couldnt do it at all ,so my next question is who makes a real passable blaster I mean one which is`nt the hasbro chop job something which will pass UK garrison standards sorry I live in the UKL and I would have to shop here due to the draconian gun laws which bans near on everything so any help guys ????
  9. Hi wondering if anyone can help me with my helmet I`m trying to find as much help with photo`s and anything else on padding and strapping inside lids Just got something from my neice who was in Afghanistan some helmet chin strap but its short or looks darn hard to be that simple so if you have any ideas any way to give me a push in the right direction would be very welcome many thanks
  10. Cheers guys for all the help the info supplied was a real help thank you one and all
  11. Got the doopey doo resin kit can anyone tell me what size spring I would need to make it more like those I have seen length and space between the loops????? Many thanks Guys
  12. Can I ask where you got it from ??? It looks awful and bulky
  13. Cheers guys for the help yes looked at different blasters now sorted one more question for those in the know "whats a Greeblie?"
  14. Hi GUYS, Got my Blaster out of the box a doopey doo resin one now looking at it Im ready to take it one the nut heads Im going to drill out and I was wondering if anyone has done this and replaced then with the real bolt either the full bolt or heads and the next question is what are they and the size not much of a handyman so any help guys would be a great help and some of the air holes in the barrel have`nt been drilled out is theis the normal thing or is it the way the kit is cast ????anyone point this trooper on the right path ????? Cheers guys !!!!!
  15. TWO WORDS from a Brit "Bloody marvellous" Fantastic too wow thats talent
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