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    belgium (eeklo)
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    my intersts are ofcourse star wars,props and vintage toys.<br />gundam,goldorak,dragonball(z,gt),saint seiya,evangelion.<br />this goes from the anime series to toy collection of vintage and resent and cel collecting.<br />model making(gundam,evangelion,racing bikes,....)<br /><br />i'm a big gamer aswel,only consoles.<br /><br />i'm a big ducati fan,i own a 999.<br />

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  1. i guys long time. i need help fast! i need stormy boots size 9 or 9.5 for my armor. this is because i was asked to troop for a b day party. caboots doesnt have my size they start at 10.5 witch is to big. please help me find boots in my size asap thanks
  2. THANKS WILL KEEP IT IN MIND if nothings changes till the weekend ill contact you
  3. nevermind!!! Will wait on firebladejedi to help out hoping the price stays the same...
  4. I'm i need of urgent uk help. i want to buy an mr falcon at play.com but thet dont ship to belgium. so i would like to get the help from a fellow trooper who's willing to let me deliver te falcon at there home and then ship it to me. i already asked firebladejedi to help me out but play has droped the price again and really dont want to mis out this buy. i would need youre addy and name to purchase the falcon and then get it shipped to me or if you live close to the station of the chunnel maybe i could pick it up there when the post doesnt want to ship the package. the package is 24"x35"x45" and weighs 131 pounds i would gladly compensate youre troubles please somebody help me out
  5. How many kills did you get on youre mission trooper!
  6. Nice to see this topic again I really hope more nice things will get posted here.
  7. All worked out my friend krig is sending a message,please lock.
  8. Hi, Is anybody who's a member on the RPF forum willing to help me get in contact with a member there,it's for his sale. He's selling a AP stormtrooper kit and would like to buy it only i can't register. Would be very much appreciate it Here a link http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=51208 . My email is bjorn.bodino@telenet.be THANKS
  9. Wow those are some nice buckets you have there! I hope to get there someday too,my aim is the get the entire evolution. Already have an MR cloneIII,MR hero stormtrooper and an AP ANH. Still on the way a T*E to be made in a ANH stunt too.
  10. How are you going to make the bubble chroom lenses????
  11. could someone post some good pics of these kits and give a discription with what the flaws are?
  12. Looks great so far! Isn't ebay or paypal going to give you a refund?
  13. nice guitars man! really like the fords falcon too
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