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  1. I NEED a helmet lol. Love it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yeh, I did manage to read that after finding this post from Chris's facebook link to this thread. THANKS!
  3. Man, Im trying to figure out the alice pack straps...not having too much luck. Can only find ones in woodland camo with the same padding length.
  4. Looks great! Lewis just made me one in 3 weeks....including shipping it to me it was like 20 days.
  5. Gonna be a spraycan what ever it is, just trying to decide which color. I dont think you need to re-do yours it looks great
  6. Seems like the blue is darker than that of the stripes yeh? Ive been looking at different blues to use just not sure yet which one...maybe a mix like someone said
  7. Trying to decide how dark I want to go with the blue comparing it to the stripes on the helmet...
  8. Dang nice work, makes me wish I wasnt in the process of moving and could work on more stuff, like my TK Lid
  9. Pretty sure but the ears should have bumps, and I dont really see them present on them
  10. Awesome....look forward to see how you handle that...not sure how to go about it really myself.and make it look good also
  11. When I say 5th button I mean on your leftside not left looking at it theres the 4 buttons there, in the game renders theres 5 I think seantrooper has done this on his?
  12. Yeh that white stripe that continues around should be blue based on the CGI ref pics on page 1, it is looking really good, I know on your armor you cant really see them but are yuo going to add the 5th button to the ab plate?
  13. At least with beer or whatever u make out in the deal and he learns his lesson
  14. Typically in the military, if a guy doesnt have his coin on him at a gathering he buys a round of cheer for those who have their coin. Now if he didnt have it when u guys checked him, he should have bought you the booze or whatever. So if he doesnt come up with it hes gonna be a broke SOB
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