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  1. I'll be able to get a look at @Startide's build you mentionned in person tomorrow. I find it easier to check for accuracy IRL than with only 3d pictures ^^ But as far as I know, the files are pretty accurate. Maybe there will be some little details to refine but not much I'm sure.
  2. @Startide prepare a good sdcard to take all the pics of the build. Even for all the 3D printed parts for the backpack and flamethrower This is gonna be fun and exciting !
  3. Ok, now I see it. I think it is more like a rubber sheath or something where the gaz wires get through and which allow him to hold it there (which still would be a bad idea with the gun part over it :p )
  4. Again, I'll be happy to help you start this journey The next things to get are filler, pvc glue and sand paper (a lot of it) ^^
  5. Hey buddy ! So, it is pretty easy to paint on a fiberglass armor with what we have in France : just wash it with water and soap one or two times to get rid of chemical remains, then lightly sand it, then add some primer and let's go You can get some non expensive yet very effective primer at Leroy Merlin. The paint I would recommand is Montana, their Gold cans come in a very large variety of colors and I had zero problems with it painting neither on a Jimiroquai's shore helmet nor on ABS It's the only brand I use now. I should be able to help you find the ones you need if you want.
  6. This guy just appeared after I sold my ICN and now, I want to build this new version xD It is very hard to resist :p The only thing to know is : will the back pack be optional or required ? ^^'
  7. Here is the video, I found the other one but he is too far to be seen properly http://www.swgameoutpost.com/2017/01/03/360-degree-rogue-one-set-video/
  8. I saw 2 backstage videos where we can see him. I guess they are on star wars dot com. ^^
  9. C'est par ici : http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/47-detachment-merch/
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