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  1. Preliminary design and materials list ------------- I'll list everything I can remember as far as materials. -Framework: 1/2" aluminum bar. Its good for being light weight and being able to bend 90 degree angles without creasing. -Mounting plate: 1/8" PVC sheet suspended in the framework by "duck head" clamps and 1/4-20 screws and nuts. -Value sections, elbows and rigid tubing: PVC pipe and various fittings -Value knob: Scuba tank knob -Heatsinks: 1/4" expanded PVC sheet -Compressor (the large tube inside the heatsinks): 4" thin wall PVC pipe -Air filter cover ( large flat part on the left side): 0.60" styrene sheet -Air filter cartridge (boxy part on left side bottom): 1/8" expanded PVC sheet -Gas canisters: Empty sunscreen cans -Burger box (blue grey box on lower right side): Vacuformed HIPS The respirator was expanded PVC sheet cut and layered up to be virtually hollow. Styrene was added to the outside to give the details. Maybe this weekend I can get him to suit up and we'll make a video showing off the storage space and compartments.
  2. Sure, I can post some construction photos if that will help. We were at Megacon (for a whole 3 hours). The Anovos guy was chatting up my dad about his kit so that was probably us.
  3. ------------ This my dad's armor. He got his Anovos TK back in February and already has it approved. We did this as an noninvasive mod to that armor. He ordered a 2nd back plate and we mounted the respirator backpack to that. He's got backpack straps for comfort and all the straps get hidden by the breast plate. Instead of wasting unused space he can carry essential items in the backpack along with the receiver/speaker for his wireless mic system. The pack with speakers weight about 8lbs. Its made from PVC and a lot of expanded PVC sheet and other light weight plastics. We tried to keep the weight down. The helmet respirator attachment is also expanded PVC, bolted through the helmet where the mic tips were. He can unbolt it and go right back to a normal TK.
  4. Buy a Rebel nerf blaster for $17-$20 and cut it off, slap it on and paint it. There's your single point scope. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Star-Wars-Rebel-Trooper-Electronic-Blaster/19529524
  5. http://www.flickr.com/photos/31058000@N06/7014940151/ The 1-1/4 pvc for the barrel shroud is a bit big, which makes that template incorrect. I printed it and tried to wrap it around my actual MG-15. 1) it was too long 2) the diameter was too big. 1" diameter, thin wall aka schedule 20 PVC pipe is the closer match.
  6. I'm looking for the just the plastic ammo belt and canvas portion. i can make my own holster but I'm looking for those 2 parts. let me know if you have any to sell.
  7. next you'll try a straight PVC version and learn it's easier and requires waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less filler and puddy.
  8. Israeli women? They inherited a ton of sterlings once Britain left Palestine. Also note the front sights. They look like the style used for the replicas which later were the basis for the ROTJ version. Maybe that's why no 2 E-11s looked alike, even the sterlings didn't look alike.
  9. I hope you didn't pay the $300 for the ima parts kit. Sportsmanguide and a firm out of colorado both have them cheaper. $150 and $125. Agreed on the gold tuxedo analogy. Late model Canadian made sterlings had that same look as the MGC version.
  10. E-11 = $170 + $20 for shipping in the continental US. DC-15S = $120 + $24. Shipping is more costly because the blaster's length requires a longer box and the weight is almost double that of the E-11. DL-44 = $60 + $12. MG-15 or RT-97C. $250 + shipping. This is an instance inwhich shipping will always be calculated first then a total invoice sent to the potential buyer. The reason is because of the blaster's size and weight. Shipping: The shipping is an umbrella charge to cover the box, packing and shipping but most times a partial refund is given because unless it's going across the entire country it rarely requires $20. Although if the buyer is willing to wait for an exact total shipping can be calculated to exact amounts. International shipping: Only Express mail will be used 1) because it comes with tracking and 2)because it has the fastest shipping times. International sales have included; Finland, UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan, Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand
  11. youtube video on blasters In case people wanted more info.
  12. I still watch that video periodically and think "if only..." I came across it in 2008 as I started research on E-11s. Glorious!
  13. Like many out there we have our little contribution to the underground SW cosplay and prop market. Below are pictures of our newest toys we're happy to equipment troopers with. Again like most this isn't our full time job but rather a 2nd job. Some times it's therapy and some times a chore but all the hard work is worth it in the end.
  14. amazing the company still exists!!! That boggles my mind let alone using the same design. I found a couple antique counters, 1 with the eagles at a scrap electronics store. Still it's awesome to see the company still exists.
  15. I tweaked my prototype and began my 1st production run. Tomorrow is paint for these big boys along with 6 E-11s. I'll do some side by side photos between a real MG-15 and these.
  16. I hear you! I'd love all that too. I'll just keep cranking out blasters and work my way towards that holy grail of E-11s, that deactivated sterling with blaster core you mentioned.
  17. I agree! I've had long conversations with my partner in crime concerning the opposite ends of the spectrum. Those that are completely happy with a paper towel tube painted black and hardened playdoh as a pistol grip or the guys who pay 800+ for a deactivated sterling. It just cracks me up the enormous grey area in between and those that point out something isn't close enough to the "authentic" end of the spectrum. Meanwhile some have looked at the pictures I posted above and asked "Are those 501st approved?" I answer "I don't know but a $20 plastic toy from Hasbro is". What are you going to do? I like the variants in costumes, weapons etc. No two soldiers are exactly alike, even if they are supposed to be uniform. You are stormtroopers you're supposed to all look alike but it's those subtle differences that bring out hints of character, status and where you're stationed. I'm having flashbacks to my US government class 18 yrs ago and the understanding of "inclusive" and "Exclusive" interpretation.
  18. Some detail pics of my scratch built MG-15 aka RT-97C
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