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  1. Does anyone ever use the "Cheese-grater' hand plates? My husband just got his kit in and I haven't been able to find any reference pictures for what it would look like.
  2. I am in the same boat. The only thing I am worried about is the softer lines produced from the thicker ABS.
  3. I am working on selecting a kit and I will be shooting for EIB. Some of the kit's helmets aren't smooth due to the molds used. I am curious if a bumpy cap is EIB approved or if you have to fill it, smooth it, and paint it first before it can be considered for approval. Thanks!
  4. It definitely will! I plan to go for EIB status on my first suit and I feel like I was there for your entire process. The details are the most important part for build threads. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
  5. She is awesome! *Posting to Facebook.*
  6. I completely agree with J. The reason people gain all their weight back is because they used Atkins like a crash diet not a change of eating habits. It's a way of eating not a "diet." I lost 50 lbs in 4 months and have kept it off for several months because I have continued with my high protein/low carb/whole food WOE (way of eating). I found lowcarbfriends "bulletin board" (forum) to be super helpful. There are a lot of posters that have been doing low carb (Atkins, South Beach, HCG, etc.) for a long time and they are very helpful. I love their recipe section. *grammar edited*
  7. Haha. I did not realize how dangerous trooping can be. I'll try to provide good guidance. I am not a professional photographer but I can definitely take my share of photos.
  8. I am really excited about my first event and while I have heard the term "handler" in the forums (and also from Albin at CV, 501st intro panel) I don't know what to expect. Any stories, tips, etc?
  9. You look incredible! Using this post to make you an easy find when I start building my suit. Congrats on EIB status!
  10. Another lady here, worried about the chesticles making the chest plate stick out. I haven't read of this actually being an issue for anyone yet but it seems like it could be.
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