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  1. Only a couple more days until the Blu-Ray comes out...for purchase. This thread should get interesting.
  2. Build threads should NOT be in open forum areas. 501st member area ONLY. This is from Anovos. If they get posted to open forums, we are going to have a problem. Your NDA may have ended, but most of ours did not have an expiration date. I implore you to reconsider this idea.
  3. McMaster item numbers.<br><br> 8694K84 - Neoprene foam. Adhesive backed 3/8" x 2" x 25' (I'm buying for 4 guys, there are smaller amounts with or without adhesive backing)<br><br> 8630K83 - Neoprene Spring Rubber 1" x 12" x 12" - again, I'm buying for 4 guys. A 6" x 6" x 1" would be plenty for 1.<br><br> The spring rubber is cheaper than the "Isolate it" brand on ebay and amazon.
  4. Yes and no. Biceps have one seam Thighs have two seams Shins have 2 seams Gauntlets have no seams on the sides Some seams are bondoed, others are supposed to be visible...and more defined.
  5. So proud...so so proud! Great work, Tony!
  6. Same here. And anyone I help build, I build them with Centurion in mind. I enjoy finding the brass split rivets and buy as much as I can when I do find them. I always have the good elastic belting from Joanns to give to new troopers. I don't like using the cheap stuff. It has a pattern and usually turns into bacon after 2 or 3 troops. I use snaps that I buy from Tandy leather to use on their suits. I don't charge folks for the stuff. It's just something that I like doing. It's kinda my thing.
  7. I wish I could post everything I have. Not only would I violate the NDA, but I would disappoint the folks who gave me an unbelievable opportunity to be a small part of history. I just can't break that trust. Not to mention the legality portion. With that said, I hope most folks don't think I started this thread only to blow my own horn or whatever. I enjoy helping people build armor as accurate as possible. What I should have done was get my armor done first before starting this thread so I had something tangible to show...instead of....you should do this...for that, I appologize. I do realize that many of you will read this and the previous 4 pages of this thread and think it's all here say until the movie comes out, and that's ok. I totally understand that prospective. We paid alot of well earned money on this kit and to hack it all up on 1 person's information sounds ludacris. But, I will keep answering questions and posting my own progress to help others.
  8. I doubt Disney has the info. Disney didn't build the suits...another prop making company did.
  9. Disney suits used formica. The fabric, it's still a mystery as to what they used. Could be a chunk of a dish rag that grandma knitted. <br><br> The pattern was perpendicular to the pill holes.
  10. No, there is no fabric inside the torso...except for behind the chest pill holes. They also used the same fabric as a poor man's fiberglass. In the kidney, where you see the tabs just like in the front, there are snaps on the strapping that connect to the kidney. This strapping is sewn right to the top of the butt plate. Through the armor. The fabric on the butt plate is glued down via black epoxy in the upper left and right sides that connect to the strapping via a snap. Meaning, the snap has dual purpose. To connect the butt to the kidney and to hold this strap to the butt. The photo above is too poor to make out details...but the armor is not coated with fabric. The strapping used for the butt...appears to be elastic belting 2 inches wide. There are 6 snaps spread out equally. 3 on one side and 3 on the other. In the middle of snaps 3 and 4, is a chunk of Velcro approx 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. Clear as mud again, huh?
  11. That's about right. 80 on the belt, 150 on the disk. It's a handy thing to have.
  12. If that's the case...I would like to smack each and every one of them. :-)
  13. I would definately concentrate on the outside details. The insides of these things were, if I'm being honest, a joke. Poorly assembled. Evidence of many repairs. Maybe some of us should send Disney and LFL our resumes. ;-)
  14. I will resume helping to get these suits as close to screen accurate as possible.
  15. ADMINS,<br><br> Please lock and hide this thread until further notice.
  16. Yes, the TD does have a curved plate. But, remember, when the Anovos suits were made, there was a time deadline and lots of red tape and hoops to jump through. It's going to be tough to mod the detonator as is. Motor mounting rubber could work. There isn't a definate material listed or talked about. The rubber should be flush or close to flush with the white plastic tops. They were mounted via two Chicago screws. Assuming counter sunk into the rubber with the white top glued on.
  17. You're hired! Now get ur butt over here and get to work! ;-)<br><br> Great job!
  18. The shoulder and forearm gaskets are the same material. Rubber or rubber-like.
  19. Make sure to leave a noticable gap between the two pieces. Also, on the biceps IF you cut the step detail out...when you reassemble...leave about a 1/8 inch gap.
  20. No holes in the forearms/bracers/guantlets or whatever you choose to call them. All black details are decals.....EXCEPT for Finn... It seems the wardrobe department guy was sick on decal day. NOW, as I am typing this, I am looking through the 1000 or so photos I have...one shows a black decal in that horizontal recessed area right behind where the track greeblie goes....and another shot of a different suit. the decal is missing....OR....wasn't there to begin with. That could signify a few things... A. Decal guy forgot to add it. B. It fell off due to heat from shooting. C. There are different ranks of FO Stormtroopers. D. ? I'm going to go through these again to look for any other discrepancies in decals. Thanks for the question...now I'm confused. INTERESTING: The LEFT forearm has the black decal....The RIGHT one does not. Now, this is one screen used suit. Did it fall off? Did someone forget to put it on and they just said screw it, we need to shoot now? Right now, it's unknown.
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