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Where to find TKC armor


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TKC is base on game version, most having ANH helmet and ROTJ armor,BUT you can modify ANH armor to appear like ROTJ, join posterior and kidney, add S trim to armor like ROTJ)


Here is my ANH to TKC (L3 centurion)





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Hello and grats on your first post Grant! Great to hear that you are scouring :peace: Will we get another TKC in the future maybe? :icon_beg:

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11 hours ago, Grizzle said:

I’ve scoured the forums, and there doesn’t seem to be any consensus on what type of armor to use for the TKC. Does anyone know the best type? ANH, ROTJ, ESB? Is there anywhere that sells the TKC armor without the need for modifications?


Do you mean ready to wear? Or a kit to build yourself? In any case I would reach out to Troopermaster, you’ll find him on FB. 

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