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Request for pre-approval for Armor Masters TK

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Good afternoon,

My name is Will Jarvis and I am requesting pre-approval.  My armor was purchased from and built by Dave Conklin (Darkside Dave), thanks to him for the photos. Please see the details below. Thank you in advance for your help.


1. Name - Will Jarvis

2. Future Garrison - Florida, Tampa Bay

3. Armor Maker - Armor Masters (built by Dave Conklin, aka Darkside Dave)

4. Helmet Maker - Armor Masters (built by Dave Conklin, aka Darkside Dave)

5. Belt Maker - Imperial Issue

6. Neck Seal Maker - Anovos

7. Boot Maker - Imperial Boots

8. Flexible Handguards - JustJoseph63 

9. E-11 Blaster Maker - Unknown (purchased from Ken Heavenridge)

10. Height - 6'00"

11. Weight - 210 lbs.

12. TK Type - ANH Stunt







WillJ4 Small.jpeg

Willj10 Small.jpeg

Willj21 Small.jpeg

Willj31 Small.jpeg

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Additional info.
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It's very hard to make out some details as some of your  images are very small, many of us use a free online image host, upload the images then copy the links here, 

A couple of things I can see


Butt plate is overlapping your kidney, I use V brackets to help keep these in line

WillJ4 Small.jpeg


With a heat gun (or oven/hot water bath) you bend strips of ABS plastic into the shape of a V, only glue one side and the other remains free to allow movement when you bend. Just helps stop the butt plate from pushing back from the back plate.






Also our drop boxes not aligned with the end of the plastic belt section

Willj10 Small.jpeg


Gaps between elbows and wrists don't match from side to side. Also thighs at different heights. 



That's really about it with these size images, if you could add some larger images that would be great

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Welcome to the FISD, Will, and nice set of armor!  I don't see anything major that will prevent you from Basic approval, but as Glen mentioned some larger pics would really help, and especially some close-ups of your helmet.

Looking forward to seeing those!  :duim:

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Thanks for the tips, I will get to work on it. I will also try larger images. I converted these from HEIC (apple format) they don't always come out well.


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