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Review of pre-approval pics

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Since this was a commission build form Daves Dark Side I do not have a build thread , but have reviewed SEVERAL to get some helpful tips and tricks to better fit my armor. I have done some trimming , glueing, realigning several straps and am getter closer . Below are some recent pics of the fitting after tweaking from the bottom up , and realized there might be more before I submit for final approval . Still tweaking the shoulder bells. 3 things I know I need to fix yet


1) Shoulder bells , need to shorten the straps a bit to get a better fit and close that gap a bit


2) I CONTINUE to struggle with the front  chest piece , it seems to ride just too high near my chin , my helmet literally sits on the top of the chest piece and at times lifted my helmet to where I can't see out the eyes. I added some padding to the helmet to have it sit a bit more forward and seems to help a bit , I wish I could figure out a way to get the chest piece to fit more sung this reducing the gap between my throat and the top of the chest, I swear I could stick a tennis ball down that opening. 


3) the thighs are a bit long, epcailly on my left , get a bit of wear on my knee cap causing some discomfort after awhile , trouble bending at the knee as well to walk.


Comments welcome on whatever tweaks you think I need , but I have certainly come a long from the original build thanks to all the talented folks om this forum :-) 

























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Here is a picture of the gap I am trying to close a bit to bet a better fit with the helmet ( forgive the helmet hair LOL) . I have tried playing with different lengths of white nylon over the shoulders adding in various snaps at different lengths and still can't get a good tight fit near my chest.



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Just a few things you could adjust, more for higher levels.

Shoulder bell gap on your left arm could be reduced so they match your right side. 

Watch the gaps between your elbows and at wrists, both aren't matching at present

Your shoulder straps are very flat from the side with little on the back plate and they could do to be curved to lay flatter.

Belt could come up a little.




Drop boxes should align with the end of the plastic belt



Slightly tighter strapping between your ab and kidney plates. 



Butt plate has a small overlap but also being pushed away, perhaps tighter strapping or V tabs

Backplate slightly overlapping kidney

Helmet gap showing neck (you mentioned you are looking at this), not sure if you have a neck seal on, if you can't reduce the padding I would wear a balaclava 

Watch the closing of your back shins they are stepped. Also make sure your detonator is centered. Looks like the detonator clips could be a little long too, can see one on the left side.



Gaps on your detonator don't look right, also could do to be rotated to show more of the O detail



ENBGgGW.jpg?1  eXtIssr.jpg?2   dSrTOGG.jpg

A solution from @Chemi in another thread

1.  Remove the clips and trim off the ends (you can use a hacksaw).

2.  Trim end caps.

3.  Move the clips to where the ends meet the bottom of the control pad and next to the end caps. .

4.  Drill holes in the clips for the new screw position. 

5.  Re-attach the screws.



All in all pretty good, just some adjustments which you find will a lot of commission builds ;) 


Good luck when you apply for approval 

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Thank you so much for the feedback, I will start working on those straight away , already got the left shoulder bell attachment shortened and they line  up perfectly now. Interesting on the V , will look at that for sure , anything that can help with that damn saggy butt of my mine :-).. Was not wearing my neck piece, totally forgot that piece, doh.


Will work on the shoulders , I used a heat gun to try and round them a bit and I think they warped a bit, will give this another try and get them more in line with the phots you presented. 



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