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big guy with long torso

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the title pretty much says it , i am a big guy who is long torsoed so i need a new ab plate as well as a kidney/but plate to fill the gap that a standard kit leaves.

so i need to know who build these parts to help me out, the rest of the kit will work out ok

just for info i am 5'9" and about 275/280 pounds and building a "stunt" trooper


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Hi Mike,

You may find that if you mix armour from different suppliers that you end up with armour pieces that are different shades of white. Just putting that out there so you can anticipate that.


As for places that can supply armour to fit your frame, I can personally recommend contacting Ross Walmsley of RWA. He's UK based (but does ship worldwide) and produces standard and XL sized armour pieces. I'd recommend contacting Ross by messenger if possible, to discuss what you need.


Here's the link to the Facebook group for RWA:




And here's a couple of youtube links about the larger torso sections:





This might also be a good thread to look at with more suggestions:



Hope this helps



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Hello could you tell us what make the armor is? You will find a lot of armor will not fit the bigger guy and it would be a drastic amount of work to extend pieces, could be easier looking at a larger make of armor, AM or RT are your best options.

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