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Iden Versio Build

Imperial Valour

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Started working on an Iden Versio build for my wife awhile back, figured I should post about it. The JRS forum is super quiet though, so I'll post it here.

So far I just have the helmet from HSP that I got a few months back. It was a B grade pull and I got it for cheap, but I have suffered for that. I had to patchup several spots that were super thin and grind down the top of the mohawk. These arent the latest pics, but I have sanded down the whole thing now.





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Adding Pics
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Some more pics of the helmet as it stands now after sanding and washing.

The last pic gives a better idea of the patching that I had to do. Some of these spots were razor thin. I also drilled out holes where the ear caps and the oxygen mask connector pieces go. I used Ukswrath's complete audio solution in my R1TK, and ideally, I would do the same for this costume but with modified mic tips.







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Looks pretty cool, clean up or not. Persistence and dedication is what our hobby is all about and I’m glad you are sharing it here

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