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DarthBiscuit requesting pre-approval review (Jimmiroquai)

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1.  First/last name     Dan Carrigan

2.  Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost or local area     Golden Gate Garrison

3.  Armor maker     Jimmiroquai 

4.  Helmet maker     Jimmiroquai 

5.  Cloth belt maker     N/A

6.  Neck seal maker     Jimmiroquai

7.  Boot maker     ImperialBoots 

9.  Blaster maker (if applicable   N/A

10.  Gasket maker (if applicable) Jimmiroquai 

11.  Height  (optional)     5' 8"

12.  Weight (optional)     150

13.  TK type     R1TK 

14.  Name(s) of any Trooper(s) who significantly helped with your build. gmrhodes13, TheRascalKing, ukswrath, 11b30b4


1.  Front view (arms down)



2.  Back view (arms down)



3.  Left side (arms raised)



4.  Right side (arms raised)



5.  Ab plate close-up



6.  Helmet close-up (front, left and right sides)




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Nice work, great to see you at pre approval.


I'm no R1 expert but a couple of things if I may

Turn your legs inwards a little at the front, you want the cover strips straight up, centered, especially for the back as they appear on an angle

Straighten back plate

Bring your foreams up, will give you a bit of room at the hand plates, they appear to be hitting

Looks like your left side ammo box has a gap?

If you haven't already add some thin foam behind your drop boxes so they don't rub the paint off on your thighs.

You could try some foam behind your sniper plate to help hold it away from the thigh



Adjust your thigh straps on the sides so the clips can't be seen

Tilt your head slightly backwards for the side and back photos

Not sure if you can bring in the backplate at all, there is a bit of room there, perhaps shorter shoulder straps



You may find you will have to trim the thighs a little more, appear to be touching the butt plate in the rear photo. Looking at the screen cap you could if you wanted too trim in the V or the butt plate a little, to give you more room to move, they appear quite narrow in the rear screen cap.



Beautiful build and I'm sure after a few tweaks you won't have any problems getting approval.


Good luck



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