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Changed snaps around

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Ideally there should be little to no gap.


Looks like you may be able to drop your backplate a little from that image.





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8 minutes ago, BB63tk said:

I used longer elastic in back now I'm guessing based on height everything is different... should I use the same length of elastic in both front and back?

Really depends on how it fits you. 


In this image it appears acceptable, although could be a little tighter on the left



I think your main issue was to be bring the ab section upwards as your chest was not overlapping it.


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2 minutes ago, BB63tk said:

I think I need to make smaller snaps for my shoulders 

Yes indeed but I was referring to your gap on the back, it didn't need adjusting only your front.

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15 hours ago, BB63tk said:

Yeah this is my first armor kit so if there’s any tips you have they would be much appreciated 

Hi JP, if i can suggest something, I think you could try enlarging the white elastic that connect the Chest to Back section, this will allow the back to get lower a bit.


rmyijcU.jpg     MMxbZgD.jpg?1




Hope this can Help.


If you can, post some photos . 








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Make sure you use the "direct link" or copy and paste the image directly across to your post.


It just looks like your elastic between the backplate and kidney plate is not strong enough or too long. Inside image would be helpful of the strapping.




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6 minutes ago, BB63tk said:


Appears there is some slack in those back straps, are they elastic or nylon?

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12 minutes ago, BB63tk said:


Looks much better, you will have to address the shoulder straps sticking upwards, looks like you have velcro there, normally the straps free float in the back and are held down with elastic



AK9w0mr.jpg?1     lbfFArU.jpg?1     FAKhPZ2.jpg?1  imageproxy.jpg.2cbb81bb549ea2361b34579f8d851a49.jpg

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