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Sanotized Creations TLJ helmet black shade paint guide help/advice.


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Can anyone confirm the correct black shades used on the screen helmets so I can replicate them on my Sanotized Creations helmet.


The Sanotized helmet has the one piece nose/mesh/teeth/traps insert which is produced in a matt black colour - should this be gloss black?


The brow above the eyes, I believe was a matt black?


The other areas around the bottom of the helmet were reported to be stickers/decals? Again not 100% sure if they were gloss black or other?






Edit - gallery pictures of screen shots plus prop store pictures show the brow is MATT - I think?


Nose/mesh/teeth and traps looks - GLOSS - I think?


Other lower areas is harder to confirm but some of the pictures look SATIN and some MATT?

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Please post up a photo of your helmet, generally you will get good responses with a few shots

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I find matt is too chalky and grey so I use satin on most areas


Brow is SATIN


Nose/mesh/teeth and traps GLOSS 


Other lower areas SATIN


Here are some nice photos from the Propstore of a screen used helmet (notice the last image on the lower line it is just peeling in the corner so must be a sticker)


Also notice the gap at the end of the greebles, unlike TFA








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