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Looking for fans and usb power packs in Australia

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Hi all


It's been a really challenge trying to find 5v fans here in Australia.  Everything is located overseas in the US mostly, but I'm trying to find some fans and power banks here in Australia.  I know that Trooperbay and UKswrath are popular choices, but I would like to get something that's here down under and not cost a fortune with things like exchange rate, shipping, VAT, etc.  I came across these on Amazon and was wondering if they would do the job? 






I've seen videos on how to convert fan leads into a usb fan, so purchasing both fans with leads and a usb pack will not be an issue.  And for the pc fans, I have an idea on how to angle them using spare ABS to direct them towards the lenses and not at my face.


This power pack looks like it would work for either 5v or 12v fans:-



Other options:-





I've looked over the specs between some 5v fans that most troopers use and 12v fans I have found here.  The specs like Air flow and dB(A) look pretty similar.  Please let me know if I have over looked anything (I'm not a tech guy by any means).


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Hey Shinyarmour1

PM incoming.

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I managed to find these 5v fans and battery holders that I can put together and would be better suited for the job instead of the Amazon ones.  What do you guys think about this? 








Also, would I be able to connect 2 fans to 1 battery holder, or would the best result be 1 fan connected to 1 battery holder?

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