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Hey! I was wondering if I'd be allowed to troop with leather R1 gloves for an ANH Stunt TK. I have my chemical gloves with latex pads for centurion status, but I wanted to know if it would be acceptable to get those gloves in anticipation of my R1 TK and Tank Trooper builds... once I get the money for them that is...


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Absolutely. Well, my official answer is to check your Garrison rules - for example, ours is supposed to be cleared with an SL, GML, or at least POC depending on what type of CRL variation you're talking about. Wanna wear binders? Just make sure the POC doesn't care. A pauldron or like seasonal decor like a Santa hat? Maybe clear it with an SL. Wearing a whole costume before having it officially approved and added to your profile? A GML needs to give you permission. Different black gloves? I honestly don't even ask.


As long as the gloves you wear are all black and don't detract from the costume, almost no one is ever going to care. Some events that are higher profile (think sporting events where you might be on TV, etc.) are strictly CRL enforced. Most... aren't - and your comfort is more important. I wear my chemical gloves for Centurion photos and HPEs and I wear a pair of light Amazon running gloves for everything else. Official answers may vary.

And if you're going to get R1 gloves, get Endor Finders :)

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