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Now that the armor is finally here, its time to start the long awaited build! 


Main info:

Armor - Back Stage Props

Helmet - Anovos (The Last Jedi)

Gaskets - GeekyPink 

Gloves - Endor Props

Boots - Imperial Boots

Belt - JAFO


Volunteered to help sort the 16 kits arrived from BSP, which arrived Friday. It took 4 hours for us to get them properly sorted after inventory. Unfortunetly, there were some missing items in the shipment, such as 6 of the 7 AB boxes, a few belt boxes, and our Riot Shields. However, enough parts have arrived to start the build. 


Here's 7 kits sorted for pickup




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First up, a forearm!


I start by doing a quite, rough trim about 1 inch away from the main cut line. I use a sharpie to mark my initial cut lines



Then using smaller scissors, I cut to the trim line. 90% of the Forearm pulls are very sharp, with the trim lines very clear. In a few spots though, I could only fine the line in direct light, using the glossy reflection of the ABS to fine the line, and trace with a pencil. 



And then some tape to check the fitment. Looks pretty sharp



Okay, about 1/3 trimmed! 



Finished the night with the calves


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Holy guacamole!!!!  16 kits, very very impressed and the pulls look good as well.

This is going to amount to one huge pile of ABS off cuts when your finished trimming lol, ABS paste anyone??

All jokes aside, very much looking forward to the build threads that will follow suit.


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Woah! JT you're an animal :duim:


Watching with anticipation :popcorn:

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ABS paste will be used later, hopefully to cover up bondo in the seams. 


Torso work tonight, doing test fitting




Trimmed. Looking at possibly cutting further down for the neckline, so I traced a possible cut. 




Back of the Thermal Detonator to be matched with the rails which....doesn't fit. Looks like I'll modify the inside rails. 




The middle piece, which joins the yoke and back plate. Trim lines get a bit faint here




Applying pressure to line up fitment with the yoke, which is pretty good. Seam will need to be filled., with reinforcement underneath. 




And then lining up the back piece. Not sure if it should be place all the forward to the edge, or it its slightly away from the edge, as shown. 



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So to make the TD fit inside the slots, I had to make some modifications




Now it fits in the slots, though its going to require quite a bit of filling.




And then theres the yoke. BSP did not make a return edge along the inside. To solve this, I left about a half inch during trimming, with the idea of bending the excess trim to create a return edge. So with a hairdryer, a small set of pliers, and a lot of patience, I've got a substitute return edge. It will be reinforced on the inside, and smoothed on the outside



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Nice work, using a piece of curved wood behind could also have assisted you so you had a base to form too. 


TD design is much like the early Anovos which also required a lot of filling, good luck, it's a pain getting into those edges ;) 

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