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Dimensions for sides of chest and back plate, shoulder bells

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Does anyone have/know the dimensions for the bottom side aspects of ANH TK chest and back plates?  Specifically the vertical aspects of the chest and back plate below the cut for your arms. How long in inches or mm should the vertical straight aspect be?


You can can see what I’m talking about at the bottom right of the armor in this screen grab. 




My build stalled when I started getting nervous that I’d cut too much under arm on the back and front plates. After SWCC I’m less spastic about it being perfect and simply want to get my armor built as best, and correctly, as I can. 


Want to to be able mark the vertical height of the flat aspect on the chest and back plates, and then cut the arm semi-oval area to blend to the proper height. There were not well defined trim marks on this armor, so I need to guesstimate. 


Secondarily, my shoulder bells are huge and I need to finish cutting them down. Is there a recommended length from the top of the bell ridge to the bottom edge I should be going for or is it dependent on individual size and preference? If it helps, I’m a trim 6’4” with long arms. 


Thanks in advance everyone. 



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Hey Dave!

I know what you mean about being nervous. I think it would help if you posted pictures of your armor as they are right now. Depending on your size will depend on how much you need to trim. The goal here is not specifically measurement, but how the armor fits you.


Others here correct me if I am wrong. :)

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Thanks Aaron. 


I took a series of photos photos that made me more concerned I may be comically oversized to be a TK. The back plate looks tiny when I hold it up, but I’m probably thinking too much. Anyway, here are the photos for the chest plate and then the back plate. I put a ruler in there so that people can quantify the size difference. 


Chest Plate




The vertical on the right is roughly 4 inches




The vertical here is almost 4.5 inches



Back plate




Here I just took a photo of the internal side of the back plate. I drew a pencil line on what believe to be the mold line. It’s not too clear. 







I think the back plate issue is at the pencil lines but I’m not sure. 


All thoughts are welcome. 

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The Anovos kit which is similar to RS is roughly 4" at the ends (below the arm pit) and roughly 20" from one side to the other across the chest. That said not all armors have those dimensions. Don't let the numbers discourage you, they may not be the same as your armor which is ok. 

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Thanks Tony.  Looks like I’m close on those figures and this TK is a bumpy ANH version, so I’ll wager it’s pretty close to the RS Props version. It’s good to have some perspective on the dimensions. 


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