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Groupon Chelsea Boots

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I’m trying to source boots on a shoestring (ha!) budget. I found out that the original boots in the films were dyed white. I’m not afraid to try that, so have now opened my search to other colors. I came across this Groupon link:



I have love-hate sentiments with Groupon, more towards the hate side of the spectrum. If it’s an item sold by a small business, it never hurts to call and ask if they will honor the price directly. Unless something has changed since I last dealt with them as a vendor (2014), there is absolutely nothing requiring you to sell your product through their website. Bypass them and you’re not shelling out upwards of 50% of the  already discounted price to them.


But I wanted to share: Discounted boots in the wrong color!

Other than all the cons associated with dying, are these boots okayish?

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Hmmm they meet the CRL requirements. U shaped elastic by the ankles, ankle high, flat sole, short heel

I’m not sure if your GML will hold up approval for that little seam under the elastic, there is nothing in the CRL that says it can’t be there but in the pic it’s not there so there’s arguments on both sides. With the coupon and for the price, it might be worth trying to paint them. Even if you get a year or two out of them.

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They appear to be a bit lower than referenced images, you may find they will slip out from under the shins when walking and bending. 

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