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How do you wear your S-trim?

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Okay, so when I built my TK I scoured other Centurion applications to see which way the S-trim is installed. Based on what I saw, I installed mine curve out. Then I thought I read someplace that curve-in is more accurate. So how to people wear it? Curve or flat?





Flat (curve in)



To change things up, I installed it flat (I had to resize the opening on the bottom of my TD bucket). Anyway, I like the look of it. Not shown, but I installed with the seam at the back.



I also picked up a hard hat liner from Trooperbay. Why didn’t I do this earlier!?



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I don’t remember how I have mine I’ll have to check tomorrow but I do know it didn’t fit properly one way and the other way just seemed natural. Other then that I did hard hat from the beginning. Nicer fit

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3 hours ago, wook1138 said:

Soooooo...  Curved side out?

Seems to be that way, luckily I have mine the same, it doesn't sit as well with the flat side out.

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