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First Order Gasket Dispute


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So I will add a closing post here.  Based upon the evidence shown and the discussions that have happened in the past and the present, I would like to make it very clear that Teresa has not recast Imperial Gaskets.  Teresa has developed a very successful business and is doing her Legion brothers and sisters proud.  Wyatt also brought Peter Nuthall and Aaron Gibson into this discussion.  I would also like to clear the air that Peter and Aaron have done nothing malicious as well.  Yes Aaron did promote Teresa's business on our forums when Teresa only had a facebook page at the time.  Aaron at the time was unaware but he learned of the rule violation and that situation was put to rest.  In turn Teresa came onto our forums and the rest is history.  She now has a thread that has been nothing but positive with some very happy customers.  Geeky Pink is an asset to current and future legion members and now I can say that this discussion is finally put to rest.

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