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kmart890 Death Trooper build


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"Did you buy a Stormtrooper costume just to destroy it?"


"Yes. Yes I did."


If you were around when I first joined the Legion 3 years ago, the Death Trooper was always on my "I'm gonna build that!" list. And now it's happening!


Some notes first:




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I started trimming my armor, but didn't collect any photoes. I basically just trimmed away randomly using some tin snips.


For cracking effects:


First scored some lines with an Xacto knife




Scored some more with a small screw driver




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For the weathering, on the hard armor I just used a variety of acrylic paints.


Dab a paper towel in the paint




Wipe it on the armor, then wipe away using the clean end. Varying amounts of pressure for the wipe away determines how much paint is left behind




Here is a poorly recorded video of me weathering one of my cracks

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After seeing a post here about TheHorrorDome, I ordered some latex parts from them.


Got these hands, but they're larger than expected.




I ended up cutting off the fingers to use inside the gloves.




Cut into a smaller segment and hand sewn/fabric glued into the glove





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With the extra glove material, I figured I could fill in some of my blaster holes




Just used some E6000 and magnets to hold it in there. The creases in the material made it hard to get the glue to contact in all areas, so extra glue or magnets were used to fill it up.



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4 hours ago, sharkbait said:

Your cracking is very nice.  I like that you didn't go crazy overboard with the exposed bits- I like more left to the imagination, personally.  And your weathering is superb!

Thank you! Weathering was a surprising amount of fun!


I figured from here out the weathering can be more natural from wear and tear.


Unfortunately a bit too cold over here right now to work on the boots. Been waiting for a decent day to get outside and finish up.

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