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ANOVOS ammo belt replacement kit

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Apparently, ANOVOS has listed, (but currently NOT IN STOCK) a belt kit which includes all the belt pieces unassembled. 

The $125 price tag includes: 


I guess, ANOVOS took notice of all the threads and complaints of their pre-assembled belt accessories in early kits.    I think if you order a current ANOVOS TK kit, you'll get this unassembled as well. 
I could use this kit, minus the Canvas Belt, Holster, and Detonator.   

 Having the Drop Boxes completely unassembled is a plus too, in order to install them with CENTURION requirements.   

What do you think ?

Anovos belt disassembled.jpg

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The Anovos kit will automatically come with all those items, and I believe the whole belt will be pre-built.  (I may be mistaken on the pre-built part, though).  The only thing you should need for it are some pop rivets to attach the new canvas belt.  You can use their existing Chicago screws

The drop boxes may need to be assembled (easy).  For screen accuracy, I would also trim down the top and bottom of it (to the point just above and below the boxes as seen below) and then add new 45 degree angles on the corners.




                                                                Screen used belt


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