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  1. Thanks for the advice. Got similar advice on my first troop with the kit so will definitely take you up on the suggestion!
  2. Been awhile since I posted...but have been approved as a HWT and also...took a shot w/the binos!
  3. Saw your post/pics on FB...looking sharp! Hope to get my pack and DLT in soon and do the same.
  4. This is an old post obviously (6 years old actually) but curious if there are folks on the boards still doing these?
  5. Interesting...first time hearing that one...thx!
  6. Well said...had no intent to hijack...keep debating on going back and forth between the two (removable or more durable). Thx for the info though! Good to get as many opinions as possible before I launch
  7. Thx for the tip! Found some black matte acrylic at Michaels I’m going to give a shot..it’s their basic brand...woodland scenic seems to get a lot of use on the boards...will have to get some of that and compare!
  8. Any ideas where this came from? I really like this look...(credit to whomever this is...can’t recall where I snagged this pic) (cross posted from FB)
  9. Thx much! I keep flip flopping but think I’m going to give acrylic paint a shot just to keep the powder mess to a minimum since my kit comes inside (vs a garage) after troops
  10. Gaskets and a little bit of red added Not it certain I’m happy with the mustard technique, it doesn’t come off easily and once painted/sanded looks more like grime (which is fine but not what I was going for in those areas). oh well can always be tweaked if I want to come back to it later
  11. Doesn’t the hairspray make your armor sticky to the touch?
  12. Re: weathering...do you apply the eyeshadow and/or charcoal and some other product to set it? i seem to recall hairspray being mentioned but won’t that make your armor sticky?
  13. Next phase...playing around with weathering...in this case, charcoal powder after a quick hit with a sander on areas that would see wear and tear and show the metal underneath. Hard to say how much is too much. I've found that dusting the whole thing then brushing off thoroughly in flat areas gets the nooks and crannies dirty but doesn't overly do it....please let me know what you think. Bottom (I've already brushed out the streaks visible) Top Lenses Front I plan to hit it again this weekend and then hopefully finish it out with some hairspray to make it stick. After that, I'm going to add some washers to the eyepieces to make it a bit more realistic and then look for some leather strapping...
  14. Man I wish I had the time to build stuff like this myself! This looks amazing!
  15. Was wondering about the black rings around yours...I like it and am going to steal it! ref the mustard...haven’t had time this weekend (too many troops) but want to see how easily it rubs off after the dull white coat...my guess is...not as easy as I’d hoped...
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