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June 2018 Request for CRL Updates thread

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April's is here: 




What is on the table:



* Clarify overlap on thighs/biceps for construction like we do with other kits



* change chest to:  "The chestplate is fixed to the backplate-part of the yokepiece under the arm. The chestplate overlaps the backplate."



* Update bicep detail to include updated paint detail from April thread



L2 -> butt plate snaps shall not be painted, ab: lower snaps not painted, upper right ab snap not painted



[DONE!] Restore missing back plate

Overlap construction is no longer mentioned and neither is the sniper knee rivets



Update holster language to allow non-leather per thread and also specify silver tip


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Ok so I’m going to focus on the ROTJ trooper.  On the posterior plate it states that snaps and rivets are not allowed on the crotch tab. I think there is clear evidence at this point that a snap is present there. I recommend that for level 3 that this is now a requirement. 


Second it states that for level 3 overlap construction is not allowed. Like above, I think there is clear evidence that ROTJ armor was constructed using the overlap construction method. Again I recommend this should be a requirement for level 3. 


So that’s all for me right now. 

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HI Paul has this been cleared up now with regards to crl ??




Legacy Era

* Boots - make it simpler for L1 approval



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