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Getting My First Kit: "Rogue One" Stormtrooper

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I've been a Star Wars fan since I was little. My first love when I saw the movies (especially "A New Hope", my favorite from the oldies) was everything Empire. Specifically the Stormtroopers. Obviously I wanted to do a TK kit for me, but I wasn't sure how to do it, where to get it, when to get it, or who to get to help me with it. Long story short, I discovered my local Garrison (Puerto Rico) through now a good friend that I met at a local con. He also became my mentor and started guiding me though. At the moment I didn't have the money to buy a kit, or anything near it. So I just patiently "waited" (several years) for the moment to come. While this happened, I met my Garrison CO (Comanding Officer) at the moment (2017) and we eventually became good friends. One day I spoke to him about my interest in entering the Garrison but also explained to him my "monetary" issue. He understood perfectly. Then I also told him about my interest in entering the group (in the meantime) as a handler. He gave me the oportunity to enter as a handler. He also had told me that before me there was a member that entered first as a handler and eventually got his kit. That brought a certain peace and joy to me because that meant that I could be part of the group in the meantime and learn anyway from others, while being around Star Wars characters (50% of my dream come true).


When "The Force Awakens" came out, I saw the movie and fell in love with (Kylo) the First Order Stormtroopers. That is the kit that I wanted! That's the one that I wanted as my first kit! I had told my CO that I wanted that kit (he's the only one in PR that has it, for now) and he told me the expenses that it was going to pull to get/make. It was a slight let down for me. But I didn't loose hope. I still want that kit. I kept searching for other possible kits to make. 


My moment came and I finally got my first kit... A "Rogue One" TK kit. The first one in my Garrison. I bought it with my student loan leftovers (had to start getting it for my last years of college). TA-DAAAAA!!!! Didn't expect that, huh. Yeah me either. But hey! WORTH IT. Granted that my loan leftovers from that year weren't going to be enough to get a FOTK kit. But were enough to get a R1TK kit. My CO helped me build it and paint it (always grateful for that). Take my word that I will do a FOTK kit soon. Most likely also with my last student loan leftovers, but I will do it. My dream finally came true. I finally became TK-24333 at my local Garrison. I would have loved for it to be with a FOTK but it was meant to be with a R1TK. 


After aaaaaallllll of this being said, I will post here more of my R1TK build. I will write about what I have learned thanks to my Garrison CO and hopefully this will help new recruits. Keep in mind that the TK and Mimban troopers in "Solo A Star Wars Story" are the same as the ones in "Rogue One". So these posts will help for those too. The Mimban troopers are the same kit as the R1 troopers, except a wee bit dirty (just a little).


Hopefully I'll be able to share what I have learned and be of help with future R1TK builds.



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Welcome to the 501st Legion TK-24333!!! Congrats!!! Please post more pictures of your R1TK armor... 

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