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Finishing trimming and ready to glue looking for advice

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After trimming my biceps I put some painters tape on to try them on, I’ve found that I can’t get my bicep piece over my

elbow to pull it up. I don’t have large arms by any means. Do people just leave a gap between pieces and cover the gap with the glued on plastic piece (sorry can’t think of the term)? I’ve also noticed one of my forearms is pretty loose but I was told that a lot of guys will put foam inside to tighten the grip.



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Can’t seem to upload pics so here’s a link




the one seems smaller but I’ve been told that the TKs aren’t symmetrical. The pics of my arm show that it can’t squeeze over my elbow. Second bicep fits fine.


similar issue with the forearms, one of them fits fine but the second is pretty loose and oversized

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Hey Patrick.  It looks like you may have trimmed that bicep a little small. 


You might be able to buy yourself some room by removing the upper and lower return edges.  They are not needed for approval anyways.


If that doesn't work - did you trim to have 15mm coverstrips?  if so, you might have to go with slightly wider ones.  you could go as much as 18mm or so (15mm is cannon but not required).  You could also make the coverstrip along the back a bit wider too (they don't have to match perfectly front to back).  I would do this by adding a wide inner coverstrip and gluing the two haves together so that you will have a space between the butt edges (this will give the seam more strength).  Then you would glue on the outer coverstrip (which will be a bit wider than what you have). 


I can send you a pic if this doesn't make sense.  I hope this helps.

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Some excellent advice from Greg there, Patrick.  You can definitely remove the return edges on the top and bottom, as well as remove the cover strips**, glue a wider cover strip on the inside using some extra ABS (it doesn't have to be pretty, just functional) and then re-glue the outer cover strips on.  I drew up a (crude) diagram below.


** Hopefully you used E-6000 to glue them together.  To separate them, try gently (and carefully) prying them off with a sharp knife.  Putting them in the freezer for a while beforehand will stiffen the glue and make this easier.



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In a nutshell, your finger. You can rub the edge to start it and carefully peel it away. If it oozes let it go. Smears can be a pain.

Good advice with wider strip. Hope it works for you.

Keep at it Trooper!:duim:

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