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TK-55550 "Ripper_L"


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People I helped on their armor builds, that are now EIB/Centurion:


TK-14469 Sascha Raabe @Darth Raveen


I guess we'll never forget the mess I created with your belt ;) Also helped to reinforce the broken brackets and some other minor issues before applying EIB & Centurion. (definitely took us more than 30 minutes hands-on, I even had to stay overnight :lol:)



TK-30087 Jochen Till @Jochensen


We literally spent days in his office to build that armor. And just because we were in mood, we built a second one within 10 days only for the celebration orlando Troopathalon contest :D (that second one was buildt to dress as quickly as possible, most of the strapping using magnets)




[more to come....]




Got some more troopers out there I helped a lot with their build, but they still have to make their EIB applications. (TK-55015, TK-50893, TK-11699, ...)

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Here's another one :)

TK-39701 Pascal Gutfleisch @GIZA87




Spent hours together with @GIZA87 side by side. Helping each other to build the helmet. :)
And let's not forget that last-minute trimming on the forearms, haha :D



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