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Captain Phasma CRL 2017 Update Thread


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The current Captain Phasma is here: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_TFA_captain_phasma


The goal is to add L2/L3 requirements to this CRL, and we've asked Ingrid Moon (LadyInWhite) to lead this.  Along with Teresa, Jana, Molly and several others, this is what they have so far.



1. This first post will always be the master list.  Any agreed upon changes will be reflected here.

2. I will cite any change, e.g. [TFAL2] as something that is copied from the TFA L2, or [Ingrid] as an Ingrid change.

3. Goal is to have this 100% complete by the end of the year.

4. Removals will be in red, additions in blue.


Alrighty, so, let's get the party started. :)




*The helmet is a reflective metallic silver or chrome in color except the frown as indicated below
*Lenses are smoky brown or gray in color. They may be bubble in shape or flat and must be sufficiently dark enough to obscure the costumer's eyes.
*The frown is solid black and covered in black hexagonal mesh that extends to the tears
*There are three slight grooves that circumvents the helmet above the brow, which is the same color as the helmet
*There is a slight groove that circumvents the helmet along the bottom and over the chin
*The bottom of the helmet flares slightly outward and is horizontal and flat on the bottom
*A “Mohawk”-like ridge is raised along the center of the helmet from the brow to the bottom back
*Parallel to either side of the raised ridge are three slight grooves; the third groove may cut back toward the trap
Neck Seal
* Black with horizontal ribs, fitted to the wearer, and extending from the base of the neck to conceal the entire neck.
Chest Armor
*Chest is reflective metallic silver in color.
*The chest plate overlaps the abdominal plate
*The “cut-out” in the center-top of the chest plate is recessed and black on the side and upward facing edges.
*A small clasp greeblie shall be present on each side of the chest, just inside a small indented area the size of the greeblie.
*There is a groove running vertical on each lateral side of the chest that angles toward the center
*Six recessed black ovals are on the wearer's right side, left of the greeblie.
*Yoke is reflective metallic silver in color. 
*The back plate contains a "O II" design.
*The back/yoke is one seamless piece
*The yoke portion extends over the wearer's shoulders and curves under the armpits
Shoulder Gaskets
*Gaskets shall be rubber or a shiny black material with ridges
*The shoulder gaskets must cover all exposed areas under the shoulder bell, between the bicep and chest, and between bicep and back.
Shoulder Bells
*One on each shoulder.
*Reflective metallic silver in color
*The shoulders are considered effectively symmetrical. They may be worn interchangeably on the left and right shoulders.
*Shoulders have small round extension at the top under the bell itself that butts up against the yoke.
*Biceps are reflective metallic silver in color
*Biceps have only one seam on the side that faces forward.
*A clip greeblie is present low and across the seam
*Two black ovals are present on the outward facing side of the bicep
Elbow Gaskets
*Gaskets shall be rubber or a shiny black material with ridges
*The elbow gaskets must cover all exposed areas between the bicep and forearm
*Reflective metallic silver in color
*Forearms shall have have ridged rail, similar to a picatinny, embedded on the inside of the forearm.
*Forearms shall have a box on the bottom the wrist end, roughly covering 1/3rd of the embedded rail.
*Each forearm shall have two 'clasp greeblies' on the outward facing surface, near the wrist.
*Detail box includes black rectangle on small edge perpendicular and closest to wrist.
*Hand armor is metallic silver or chrome in color.
*Gloves are black.
*Gloves extend underneath the forearm.
*Hand plates are rigid square boxes and the hand plates are mounted securely over the back of the glove.
*A wrist plate is mounted securely between the handplate and the forearm, contouredcountoured to match the hand plate.
*The black oval detail is aligned with the index finger of each hand.
*Finger armor is two rigid pieces per finger, proportionate in size to the fingers, containing rounded bumps on top as shown in the photo.
Abdomen Section
*Abdomen section is reflective metallic silver in color
*The abdomen section must wrap around the wearer's body
*The abdomen has 7 boxes attached that matches the order and placement shown
*The large box has a small black recessed square to on the lower left of the wearer.
*The second box to the right of the wearer has a small black recessed rectangle near the top.
*The codpiece is reflective metallic silver in color
*The codpeice sits below the abdomen and under the belt.
*The codpiece is relatively flat, triangular, and contains two rectangular indentations, one on either side of the center.
Posterior armor
*Posterior armor is reflective metallic silver in color
*The posterior armor sits below the abdomen and under the belt.
*The top portion of the part is hidden by the belt and used to connect the plate to the abdomen armor.
*The belt is ribbed and made from a rubber or a rubber like material.
*Four reflective metallic silver rectangular boxes and two covered pouches are attached to the belt.
*There are two horizontal boxes worn on the front, one on each side of the center. They are silver or chrome on the outside/front half and black on the inside/back half.
*There are two vertical boxes worn on the right of the wearer,.
*There is a large vertical black pouch with a silver or chrome cover behind the left side of the wearer.
*A small black cloth pouch is worn on the left side and hides the buckle or remaining belt material; this pouch may be covered by a smaller silver or chrome box cover.
*An undergarment must be worn such that the space between the thighs and the belt shows a black material. The black material may be shiny or matte.
*The reference photo shows the type used on screen but is not required for basic approval.
*Thighs are reflective metallic silver in color
*There are seams on the inside and outside of each thigh.
*A clip greeblie is present high and across the outside seams of each thigh.
*The right thigh (when worn) includes a base for a weapon holster.  Holster does not need to be functional.
Knee Gaskets
*Gaskets shall be rubber or a shiny black material with ridges
*The knee gaskets must cover all exposed areas between the thigh and shin
Knee Plates
*The knee plates are reflective metallic silver in color
*The knee plates mirror each other and are placed evenly between the thigh and the shin.
*Convex edge of knee plate faces downward.
*Reflective metallic silver in color
*There are seams on the inside and outside of the shins, with the opening on the inside.
*A clip greeblie is present high and across the outside seams of each shin.
*The wearer's left outside shin includes two vertical thin boxes that are seamless.
*Boots are black suede, leather, or leather-like, absent of laces, with no pronounced heel.
*Shin and foot armor is reflective metallic silver in color
*Lower shin armor is contoured upward in the center, with a square-beveled ridge visible along the top, right, and left sides.
*The bottom is rounded over the top of the boot, extending to points on either side.
*The lower shin is worn over the lower half of the main shin armor.
*Lower calf armor is rigid, curved at the bottom over the heel plate, and extending to points to match the lower shin armor
*The calf and lower shin armor are flush and may be connected on the sides by a mylar or silver tape.
*The heel armor is semi-circular, rigid, and affixed to the heel of the boot.
*The instep armor is rounded or oval and curves with the contour of the boot and sits above the toe and lower shin at an angle.
*The toe armor is rigid and has a shallow curve contoured to the front of the boot.
*The cape is a black canvas material that crosses the chest diagonally from the right shoulder to the left elbow area.
*The cape drops down the left side of the body to within a few inches of the floor or can slightly drag along the floor behind the left foot.
*There is a dark red stripe approximately 1.25" - 1.5" in width that follows the front seam of the cape from the right shoulder to the bottom of the left side of the cape.
*The cape should fit across the shoulders and may have some slight bunching on the left shoulder.
*There is no visible clasp, hooks or snaps at the right shoulder connection
*Light wear-and-tear and weathering is permitted.
*Cape is 3 panels, with seams on either side of the back plate.
*Four asymmetrical pockets are present on the left panel; the top one overlaps the seam. They are in the pattern 1-2-1 from top to bottom. The top pocket is approximately even with the bicep. The pocket size is approximately 8” tall and 5” wide, but may vary because they are not identical.
*Two straps approximately 1.25” wide extend from inside the hem of the left panel at hand-level.
*One strap approximately 1” wide  extends from under the side of the bottom pocket.
*The cape is coated on the outside with a thin rubber-like medium.
*The fabric is cotton canvas with a diagonal weave visible in the medium.
*A black strap approximately 1-1.5” wide  extends from the top of the right shoulder down the back.

Thermal Detonator
* The thermal detonator mounting plate is silver and sits under the back plate and rests above the belt.
* The control panel is black.
* The right-hand recessed end cape is black.
* The left-hand end cap extends from the detonator assembly and is black all around the cylinder as well as the end surface. A silver stripe is present around the end of the cylinder that extends slightly onto the circular surface.
* There should be no visible seams.
Captain Phasma Blaster Rifle
*Based on a replica Sterling sub-machine gun, scratch-built, or a modified commercial toy Stormtrooper blaster.
*Similar to standard First Order Stormtrooper Blaster with extended stock attached.
*Details may be painted reflective silver or reflective silver with a golden hue.
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Hi I am still a 501st recruit but I know Phasma very well. TLJ Phasma is the armor that I am starting off with. I been trying to figure out the new chest plate It seems that its cut higher up definitely not the same cut as TFA. But It could just be in my head I am sure they switched to the standard, I have not actually measured it out yet to be sure. I been looking over every second of TFA Phasma that I can.  I would be happy to add my input.  If its wanted.

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The I would like to add more detail for the collapsed quicksilver baton since I just finished extremely accurate 3d modeling of the baton. The collapsed version should be about 2 foot in length and 3/4 inch in diameter. It should have 3 cut outs of varying length that should be 1/2 in width. Inner cut 4 in, Middle cut 1 in, and outer 3/4 in. 1in between the inner cuts,  1/4 in between the inner and middle cuts, and 1/2 in between  the middle and outer cuts. The taper for the point starts at the end of the last cut out. Which should be about 5 in long. It looks like the extended version keep the same length of cut out and space and the taper is the same length.


Here is one half  for  demo:


[_.5"_(       4"       ).25"(   1" )_.5"_(.75") ______5"_____>


Do what you will this info. I would say use it for L2/L3 check off.

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Thanks so much Teagan!  FYI that this will get folded in to 




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Also, for now, we don't have enough CRL images to complete the TLJ Phasma CRL, so this is a great time to add any requirements to it before it goes up for LMO review.

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 I am also posting this in TFA Phasma discussion.


 So the CRL for TFA the upper sabatons(the armor pieces on the boot) are pictured with incorrect placement. the top edge should go under the spats not on top of it. It always looking wrong to me but I just figured it out today. They were displayed wrong in the prop show.  Scenes in the TFA shows with it under but also showed with it slightly over. I think they are meant to be placed under like every other set of sabaton I have seen on every other suit of amor. I think that during shooting they had a tendency to pop out of placement because of the method of attachment. Its shown here slightly above and then below the spats. Lastly if you look at the visual dictionary for the force awakens, it shows the sabatons under the spats.  Same for the TLJ visual dictionary. 


So that's my reasoning for why the spats have incorrect placement.



PS all the toys also show the sabotans under. 

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