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HWT weathering


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This is what I did, Denny..  I was at the "Dollar" store, and I saw a small thing (1 1/4 inches round) of  women's black powder makeup.  I guess it's some sort of eyeliner or such, and I also purchased a "blush brush" there.  Figured I would give it a try (on my armor, of course, LOL).  It goes on really well, and doesn't rub off as easily as you'd think.  I have only "touched it up" twice, even after dozens of troops, and is easily removable with any household cleaner like 409 or the like.

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Thanks for the tip Joseph! Gonna go and look for it tomorrow and give it a try (on my armor of course LoL) what do you recommend me using to weather my pouches? Should I weather my pouches?


I didn't, but I have the canvas ones and they have sort of weathered themselves after so many troops, LOL.  As long as they are completely black (no white stitching) you should be fine.

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