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Stormtrooper First Order Revan91


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Hello everyone, I continue mounting my stormtrooper first order, I still have the thighs and a tibia before doing the strapping.I hope a validation for the episode 8 :D


I have a problem with the fixation of the two boxes on the thigh,






The boxes do not fit with the hard plastic glue that I usually use, I try to repair putty, no résult,

May be an ABS / acetone mixture ? résin ?


I can do a painting of the thigh after the gluing.


Thank you in advance for your help, and apologies for my English

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I glued by whole ABS kit with 401 loctite. That stuff is so strong it makes your eyes water, also blends plastic permanently.



LOCTITE Instant Adhesive Cyanoacrylate Super Glue




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Hi, thank you very much for your answers, I will see the two solutions, For filling putty, requires a special version or all versions of the automotive mastic can work?<br>

Thank you again for your help, it's really cool

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