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Tk/Uk armor is it a rippoff

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To be clear it's all about the end result.  You can get 501st acceptance with Rubies too, but you have to replace the helmet, chest, back, bodysuit, and put so much work in to it to get it there that for many its not worth the effort. You can take a TM, RS, or CFO kit and do a build so bad it's entirely 501st rejectable (rivets all over, anyone?).  Heck, even ANOVOS needs some minor fixes to get acceptable.


So yeah, nearly any kit *can* be made acceptable, what we are clarifying is how much.  Looking at the pix with my GML eye, I'd fail several parts of the armor from what I'm seeing, just like Dave.  If a candidate thinks making those changes is in their time/pocketbook, good on them.


But, we are failing it our duty if we don't as GMLs and as a detachment provide clear information about the potential pitfalls to people *before* they buy, just like we do with every other armor maker.  


Hope that makes sense.

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If anyone would like to come and see the me or the armour I will be attending commicons throughout the summer.


20th 21st May Hannover

26th 27th 28th May London

3rd 4th June Swindon

24th 25th June Belfast


These are the only ones planned at this stage. I would like to slip in New York in October and Tokyo in December. But we will see. I do have kids to see occasionally!


I will be in Melbourne and Sydney this week so anyone can meet up with me then and I will have armour samples with me.


I will be in Ecuador in a few weeks. Try to take a trip to Peru or Mexico.


I have attached pictures of TK76101 who is the first of my new kits to be approved by the 501st. 


Anyone can also add me on Facebook and contact me directly as I always answer questions. There is a Facebook group TKUK TK Armour Support and Advice where all the new guys have been encouraged to join and share their build experiences. There are lots of experts in that group that can help you out.


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I contacted TK Armour UK (http://www.tkarmour.com/index.php) because he made the armour for boogie storm and I was looking for some armour that I could wear in some local running races for fun. 

I had emailed him and told him my intentions and he quoted a price and I got him the measurements.

He gave me a time frame and the deadline approached. I emailed him half a dozen times and he finally responded but needed more time. Gave me another time line.

That timeline approached and I emailed him a bunch of times and finally a few weeks later he responded and needed more time.

This went on for a long time. I would email him for weeks and weeks with no response.

He finally said he had it packed in two packages and would send one and a week later send the other. The first package took 4 weeks to get from Thailand to America. A month more of emailing him and he finally sent the second package. 

Both packages are here but there are no arms no cod piece and some other missing pieces.

ive emailed him for a month with no response and eventually got the parts I neeed from RS Propmasters. I have a suit from then already and they had my measurements already.

What he did end up shipping will be nice and will work. But months and months of no communication and only a partial suit. I would avoid this dude. There are plenty of other venders available so no reason to have to deal with him.


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