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Correct way to connect the ribbed straps to the chest armor

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I've seen it both ways and the CRL isn't exactly clear. 
How were the straps connected to the front chest plate? 
I've been told they were riveted, and the costumes book seems to show this, but the CRL says no visible rivets. The rivets were painted white, though they are visible.
How does Skunky do his cfo builds? I'd guess that is the right way.

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I rivet them on as they should be and as they were done for production. They are white rivets on white straps attached to white armour and are only 4mm wide. It's hardly surprising you cannot see them on screen. If they were 4 inches you'd still have problems seeing them on screen.... LOL


Most straps are hidden by the helmets sitting over them. It was filmed on film, not a digital HD, 4K bluray etc so the chances are that they had the 6 foot rule whilst filming back then which says if you cannot see it from 6 foot away don't worry about it......

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See what I mean.  


I'm with you Skunky/Mark.  The costume book clearly shows rivets.  But the CRL differs.


And before that, the accepted way of mounting them was white velcro like the ESB MK2.  


So rivets will be right for approval/EIB/Centurion?


Thanks for the help!

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This has been pointed out to me on another thread I started about inconsistencies in the CRL. <br><br>

Rivets in the Shoulder Straps<br><br>

For basic 501st approval the CRL clearly states that the shoulder straps may be riveted. If someone was denied by their GML, then their GML has not read the CRL. However if the person is applying for Expert Infantry the CRL is wrong but this will not stop someone from getting a costume approved.

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ESB MK2 was white Velcro and not riveted.


Some pics from one of the suits on display looks to be snaps underneath with what seems like no rivet on top. BUT, is there any guarantee that suit is anything more than a tour suit? Same molds, I'm sure, but probably setup differently than screen used suits.

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Totally agree with you, August.


Anything displayed nowadays does not automatically mean that's how it originally looked 30 odd years ago. Having the snap on the inside of the shoulder strap will most likely be for ease of packing or damage limitation for display purposes only.

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Any use?



















I don't see anything conclusive with regard to possible rivets at the front. However, there are clear indications of hook and eye fastener tape at the rear ...




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