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Best material for TK belt?

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OK, so my confidence in sewing is at an all-time high :D


I now want to make myself a belt for the TK. I understand they're usually called 'canvas belt', but is canvas material the best?


I'd really appreciate some links or advice on what is best to use :)

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Found this topic: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/30412-what-type-material-to-use-for-belt/?hl=%2Bmaterial+%2Bcanvas+%2Bbelt#entry389503.

Scroll down a bit. Post from gazmosis!


Good Luck. It seems you are better off buying one, but if you are certain and confident, have at it! :D

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Cool, thanks. I didn't search that far back :D


This one (linked on that thread) looks good:


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