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TK-91488 "Pretzel" Troop Log

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Well. I can finally begin a troop log thread. Been meaning to start this last week, but I have been crazy busy!

Let me say that for us perfectionists..... During my first troop I realized a lot of minor issues. You may notice my thigh being wonky or my large shoulder gaps.. These issues are in the process of being fixed.. The thigh issue I believe is resolved.. And I am hoping that I get the shoulders resolved soon. We will find out on my next troop.. But let's begin my troop log!!!

7-10-2016 FIRST TROOP!
SPCA Providence Animal Center. Media, PA.


My first troop was located in Media, PA at the SPCA Providence Animal Center. I'm an animal lover... So I could not think of a better way to kick off my first troop. We ended up having over 10 adoptions that day.

Started the day with our traditional group photo of everyone in attendance as a character. Then, moved on and interacted with some dogs and cats..after the cats... I decided to use a Lint roller. ;-) Afterwards, one of the photographers wanted to pose with us and I decided to hand him my blaster.. The reaction of his face is priceless..


After my fun, we in Garrison Carida like to have a simple tradition of remembering out first troops... Write your TK number on a paper plate or other item.

I am behind Boush on her right...
I am the one looking at the dog I really wanted to adopt :)

Holding the cats
cleaning up...
pure joy



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Troop #2 Phillies Star Wars Night


This troop was another crazy one and unfortunately I could not find a lot of "great moments" but I did meet the Philly Fanatic!

My girlfriend came a long to squire and she was a big help. My garrison buddies think that we make a great team.. Here are a few pics of that day.


She is "thrilled" (not my gf) lol




Till next time!

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Shhh... Don't tell em.. Wait.. Pew.. you are a TK!? *migrates to your build thread*

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Another successful weekend. Another Troop to report!


Troop #3 - North Pocono Public Library in Moscow, PA





3rd Troop in the Books, and I still have lots of work to do on my armor to make it look better. But, I have seen worse! *cough* rubbies.. ;) Anyway, I had a blast. I am going to share with you the mission Summary from one of the Veterans of my garrison because it sums it up nicely, followed by pictures of me in my glory of course. 


Becca has asked that I make a mission report for the event today. Hopefully I don't miss anything since I've never done one before.

The event was at the North Pocono Public Library in Moscow PA. It was at the end of their summer reading program. Our host, Kelly, greeted us as we got there as she was heading out to get pizza for us. Dave, Emilie and myself arrived by 11:30 and found Todd & his father were already there. We had two small rooms/offices, but it wasn't super tight. We used their little break room as well to change. 

Most arrived by noon, right during a heavy downpour. Agent M got stuck in traffic but still arrived with plenty of time to get ready.

Their set up was typical with the exception of the AV system. The chairs were facing away from it as they didn't want to create a bottleneck at the door. Instead of rearranging the room, we made do.

We started at 1 with Agent M as MC while I did the slideshow on the tablet. Not a huge crowd, but then the population is low in the area. There were about 30-35 people, including children, who came. Kelly mentioned that most people who live nearby are people visiting on vacation.

The presentation last about 30 minutes. When Agent M first asked how many have seen the new movie, half the kids & parents said "they haven't". We used Dave's slide show for questions with pictures and very few knew the answers, so I skipped the harder ones. Mostly because it was hard to have the screen behind everyone.

Now when the guests got to ask questions, one adult asked Kylo why he killed his dad. Kylo said it was because he wouldn't let him drive/fly the Millennium Falcon. Then the kids started saying "I would kill my dad if he wouldn't let me drive". There's some dark kids up there!

Kelly thanked us after the questions ended and made sure to mention that we made our own costumes (or she called them uniforms) and how far we all traveled to get there.  We ended and let the kids come up for pictures, which lasted about 10 minutes at the most. After that is was us roaming the library for pictures. Kelly was thrilled that we would take pictures for them to use for their facebook/Webpage.  

We ended a little after 2pm since the library was mostly empty and could only take so many pictures.


Laurette and myself took pictures, so I know Dave has the ones I took going up on Facebook. 

BTW, they had an awesome garden outside, which we took a few pictures since it wasn't raining. I apparently will never hear the end after I said I never saw cauliflower grown "in the wild" when I meant garden. Crikey!

And also mentioned during the presentation, TKs are "lacking in the backing" when being compared to a TD.

We had an after troop eat at a local restaurant in Tannersville after a failed attempt to find another place. All but Todd we able to go.

Lastly, we got cucumbers from their garden, so that was a nice surprise!

























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Another awesome troop update. <br>

I hope that turtle picture made its way to your fridge.

It actually made it to some kiddo's fridge. :)
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First... I request the topic of this post be changed from "Razgriz" to "Pretzel" due to my nickname change... Yes.. I have been through a ton of name changes...this one has to stick because my Garrison calls me this lol anyway.. I have 2 more troops to report! Not a whole lot of pics though.

Philadelphia Please Touch Museum.

This was a 2 day event. Saturday and Sunday. I went on Sunday and was able to entertain the crowd awaiting pictures with Kylo Ren and Darth Vader. Some pictures of me may be floating around on someone's Facebook or Instagram... But I did bag my first rebel scum!!!


Afterwards... All of the characters met up for a "goodbye" photo in front of the main sculpture at the museum.


There is a video floating around of us on a carrousel... Kudos to anyone who is able to find that... A few days went by and I'm out trooping again...

"Lifespan School and Daycare End of Summer Carnival." -Allentown, PA

First time at this small event. We attended a small school daycare. They were having a "end of the summer" event. The kids made small carnival games and have our little prizes. It was a cute little event to celebrate the last month of Summer. The kids were good.. For the most part. A couple of grabby kiddos were trying to snag my TD!

I took aim at a few games and made a kids day allowing him to hold my blaster for a quick photo op!

Until next time...






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9/11/2016 - Allentown, PA. Festival of Arts, Science and Technology (FAST)

What a great event. The folks at the Da Vinci Center really treat us well and really appreciate our presence. We met up with Brian, who I personally worked with before for asking about taking photos for his future events. They gave us chocolate, and even a banner thanking us. Most of us has the chance to write our ID #'s on the banner! :)

We all got our gear on and took a couple photos of us partying in the hallway. Then went out and posed for the camera. I was stationed with Kylo for a bit, and had a chance to roam around. I was greeted by some kiddos and did some more posing. I then found some "droids" they were not the ones we were searching for...I had a lot of fun interacting with some of the exhibits there. Some real talented kids! 

Ferris ( Iron pigs Mascot) showed up, and so did the Nitney Lion. I chased Ferris for a bit with my Blaster, then he came back and wonked me over the bucket with a lightsaber he found. After an hour or so we all got together for a group shot and some of us went on break.

The host was kind enough to provide Pizza and individual sandwiches for those who requested them. The sandwiches came with an apple, Chips and even a cookie! After the initial break we went back out and did our thing!

This will be a repeat troop for me.





Uncle Owen is here!!!



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Another Troop to Log. This is an awesome one. My first show with Weird Al! :)

TO MODS: I again respectfully request this topics name be changed from TK-91488 "Razgriz" Troop Log to TK-91488 "Pretzel" Troop Log. Thank You mod Team. :)

9/20/2016. Weird Al Concert. - Bethlehem, PA Sands Event Center.

Wow. What an amazing event. The Weird Al crew treated us great. I was a little nervous lol. But was able to preform just find. I was honored. He chose me to sing to towards the end of our performance. Crowd was great! They really cheered when we walked on stage. I was able to capture some behind the scene shots before we went out on stage. :) of course.. Some shots of us performing.







Some video. Only one I can find at the moment of our performance.

Weird Al entrance: you can see us in our racing shirts. :)

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Race for Hope

10/02/2016-Philadelphia, PA

The day started bright and early. After our cup of coffee me and Luke hit the road and met up with Beth who was our venue host. She was excited to see us.

Our changing room was a medium sized production tent. It was large enough for me and Luke + the three ghost base members who joined us.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a lot of people attending this event. The weather was decent, with maybe light mist in the beginning, but soon was just overcast.

A big thanks to Ghost Base: Rebel Legion for watching our backs and grabbing some snacks and drinks for us to munch on for our small break. The kids and adults were very happy to see us. It turned out to be a great event.


Luke - A Dashing Kylo

Preston - An obedient TK

Ghost Base:
Alexandra - Rey
Jacob - Jedi
Samantha - Jedi





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October 22nd, 2016-Ridley State Park-Media, PA Troop# 9

Garrison Carida's First Imperial March.

We walked 4.5 miles in full armor to raise money over the weekend.

Garrison Carida collectively raised over $8200 in funds for the Make a Wish Foundation. This is the biggest reason why I'm proud to be a member of the 501st Legion.




(Look out for the Snitch)




(Best Friends till the end)


(The Crew that made it all happen)



MODERATOR.. Can you please change my forum topic name from "Razgriz" to "Pretzel" Thanks.

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I am on your border in Maryland brother. Plus my sister in law lives in spring grove pa.



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Lancaster Science Factory -11/13/2016. Lancaster, PA.

Troop #10 YEAR ONE.


All I can say is WOW. A large turnout at this event. We had a lot of white armor that showed up. 32 characters total for science center in this very rural town. A lot of high fives and hugs from the kiddos in attendance.

We trooped for only 2 hours but it was a blast. We were featured on a local news station. You can read about the event from these media outlets: (I am the one that played the giant Xylophone ) :)

Media Outlets:













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Wo! Been a little while since I updated this. Had a few unofficial troops last month. But I'm back in the fray!

Troop #11
Year One. - Rogue One Premiere! - 12/16/2016. Allentown, PA

Had a great time with the Garrison as usual. I will let the photos speak for themselves. But this was my 1st troop on my HWT. NO BLASTERS were allowed at the venue though. :( we also honored TJ who passed last month by wearing a black arm band with his TK#


Merry Christmas all. Hope you have a great holiday season!

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January 8th 2016. Troop #12 Lehigh Valley Phantoms PPL Center, Allentown, PA.

Greetings troopers and Happy New Year to everyone.

Let's get back to the log with my first troop of 2017. Personally... This is a special event for me. 1 year ago on this day was the first time I was a handler/squire/photographer. A cadet and met a lot of now friends for the 1st time at this event.

Hockey Hockey Hockey! Lehigh Valley Phantoms is a local Hockey team and part of the Philadelphia Flyers organization.

We started the day with a presentation for a new Friend of the Legion Inductee. Josh Bodwell was honored with a plaque and named friend of the Legion this day. This was in the works for a while. Josh is a local tattoo artist and appeared on A&E's reality show "EPIC INK." He is a big 501st Legion friend and loyal supporter of what we do.



After the night was over he posted the following on his Facebook:

I'm extremely honored to be officially recognized as a Friend of the Legion The 501st Legion I've always been a fan of the 501st and the great work they do for charity and fans around the world. Thank you to the Garrison Carida and the 501st Legion



The night continued with a lot of random and fun moments. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves again.






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Awesome photos. I just finished my first helmet, armor is supposed to arrive around Sept. I'm in the Reading area and planning on a TD build.



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Awesome photos. I just finished my first helmet, armor is supposed to arrive around Sept. I'm in the Reading area and planning on a TD build.



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awesome. Have you came out with our Garrison and Squired at all?

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I haven't contacted anyone yet. Since I've only got the helmet so far I wasn't sure if I should wait.



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You can sign up as a cadet at


www.501stgarrisoncarida.org and an advisor will help ya a long the way. :)

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