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TK-91488 "Pretzel" Troop Log

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Great photos Preston! Is it me or do they always have pretzels at your troops? Lol

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WOW! Been over a month since my last official troop and update. Let's get back into the swing of things. 


Date: 2/18/2017

Location: Hazelton, PA

Event: PPW Entertainment Wrestling! To raise money for Make A Wish! 


This event was held at a school.  We were taken downstairs and given the school cafeteria as our change room.  It was huge.  Pizza arrived at 4:15 so we ate as we suited up.  We had no water, but this issue was fixed quickly by our host Pau. Bonomo (our host was incredible; if we needed anything he had it to us in minutes).  Paul mentioned his son was a big Star Wars fan, so we invited his son to join us in the changing room.  His son was excited to be discussing Star Wars with us so I offered to let him wear my Tusken.  He agreed.  He is only 15, but I think he will be a member in 3 years.  He was grateful and thrilled to wear a costume and held up very well.


We proceeded upstairs (we later were given use of an elevator) around 5:15 for a meet and greet with fans.  It was early, so the crowd was small but kids, parents, workers and even wrestlers came for pictures with us.  The fans were easy to manage.  We took pictures until around 7 pm at which time we moved to the wrestlers' entrance ramp to become part of the show.  While we waited, Dave had a 10 minute conversation with a random lady in the stands about how hard his life is as an employee of the Empire.  It was hilarious!


Our host was also ring announcer.  When his music started, it was cut and Imperial music took over.  Our group came out of the gorilla position, walked around the wrestling ring and moved to their positions ringside.  The crowd pop was huge!  The crowd loved us and it was loud.  Our host's music restarted and he came to the ring only to be stopped by Preston and Dave who told him to move along and blocked the stairs to the ring.  With help from the crowd, our host convinced the Carida troops that he was not the ring announcer we were looking for.  Preston and Dave allowed him to enter the ring and the show started.


We left ringside and headed to the changing room.  We suited back up and came back out for a short intermission for more pictures.  We were invited to stay and escort the titleholders to the ring, but the show was running late and we were out of steam.  We suited down for the final time and most of us stayed to watched the action from a reserved ringside table.


It was a great time - I encourage all to attend the next one.  We were treated like stars by our hosts, the crowd was excited to see us, and there was ample space to move around.  Two of the wrestlers were disappointed they missed getting pictures with us.  Paul will be in contact with us about the final amount collected for Make-a-Wish.  I'm guessing it is at least a couple hundred dollars. 


-Point of Contact "Keith Nolls" 












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Troop #14


Date: 2/26/2017

Location: Easton, PA 

Event: Intergalactic Crayola Experience

Mission Report: 

First time for this event and I highly hope not the last!!!!! The event host had things well organized so we could get around and use an elevator or stairs, gave me a radio and key card so we could contact staff at any point as well as get into our secured room. When we got there she took my self and Joseph McNesby on a tour of the building so we knew where stuff was and the best way to get around and com cup with a plan of attack. The rest of the members got there and we did the basic roam around play with kids and have fun. Lots of pic taken with kids smiling! We needed up leaving with a lot of -tickets to give out and a small bag of toys for hospital visits. After troop eats at ruby Tuesdays. 

-Jarred Daski



A great time trooping with my garrison. I am slacking on the Mission Reports! As usual, I will let my photos from the troop do most of the talking. 









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Double Duty post!


Troop # 15


Date: 3/20/2017

Location: Allentown, PA

Event: Joshua's FOP Bingo for a Cure


Another Great year for Joshua and his Charity! i believe there was 1600 tickets sold and many tables of donated baskets to raffle off. This is the largest fundraiser hosted in the world for people with Josh's illness and the funds raised go right into medical research for the disease.


The crew showed up on time and we all got suited up pretty quickly while talking and visiting with one another. It was great to see so many NEPA troopers make it down for this event and even Marty and Dan made it from Lancaster area. This event was also the first official troop for Josh Kinney and Pete Faas (Well done, Guys!). Half way through the event, two of our squires received approval emails- so congratulations to Carida's two newest members, Laurette White and Larissa Christman.


We were well received by the crowd and took our group shot promptly. Josh joined us for a picture as well and showed a great deal of sass and spirit by pushing away his walker as he took his photo with our members. We all broke up and perused around the event grounds, and many troopers stood guard by the door and outside. Before fully suiting up, we even got to see Darth McVader in all his kilted glory.


After all was said and done, some troopers stayed to play Bingo (Larissa, Laurette, & Preston) while others went home or to after eats. Rob Harvey was great to observe at the Tilted Kilt as he spent much of the time beet red and trying to keep his eyes firmly locked on the waitress' faces. Also at After eats were Meredith, Jeremy, Cadet Andrew, myself, Agent M, and the amazing Maxwell.


in attendance was...

Luke-A Dashing Kylo

the ever so beautiful Pretzel

Patches as TX and Jawa

Goob Vader

Dave and Ryan Kreyling

Mary Miller as the walking carpet

Meredith as juno

Sheri as Gooblin queen as Officer

Thomas Finley

Agent M as another officer

Jeremy Smith as TK

Stanley Griffin as another TK

Pete Faas as another TK with accessories

Rob Harvey as a blushing clone

Keith Knoll the worlds sexiest Tusken

Andre as our shadow biker scout

Joshua Kinney as ANOTHER TK



Dan Heisy

Laurette White

Larissa Christman

Cadet Calogero Grisafi

Cadet JD McLucas

Cadet Andrew Lenhart

Cadet Michael Beam

Papa Hutnik

Cadet Kevin Christman


-Luke Molchany TX-9381


Inbound Propaganda......




(the crew)



(me and the girl)


Pretzel's are never far behind...


Dean "Goob" McVader


back in black? 




no, this is not me... another HWT goes by the name of StanleyGriffin!




Troop #16


Date: 3/25/2017

Location: Salisbury, PA

Event: Fundraiser for Local Police Dept. 


This was a new event for us and was the first fund raiser for the organization.   Attendance to the event was light but we still had fun with the kids that were there.  They are planning to do events every year and we will be invited back. We had a secure locker room and they gave us free access to the refreshment stand.  The host was sorry more people didn't attend but is looking forward to next year.  Pictures have been posted on facebook and even on the police station facebook page.


After the troop we were able to give out certificates to Pete Fass, Laurette White and Larissa Chriatman as newly graduating cadets 


This was the first troop for Laurette White  and Larissa Christman so that was exciting.  We all went out to eat after at a great restaurant but service was slow.  




Laurette White

Doug Hutnik
Dean - Vader


Pete Faas


Tom Finley- 

Larissa Christman



Kristin - POC

Cadet Andrew Lenhart

Cadet Kevin Christman

Papa Hutnik


-Kristen Fee SL-10092


More propaganda transmitting... 





My girl's 1st troop! She is the Jawa!




Bad Rebels! What ya gon..what ya gon.. what ya gonna do? 

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Once again "Pretzel", the photographs are excellent.  Thanks for posting this.  I love seeing the Mascot join in the group picture!

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Troop #17 

Date: 4/21/2017

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Event:  Lego Brickfest

Another year under our belts for Lego Brickfest!  We did awesome this year, we raised a grand total of $2561 for Toys for Tots with Blast-a-Trooper!  Thank you to everyone that showed up and helped out whether it was watching the table, walking around, or working at Blast a Trooper.  Without your help we would not have beaten last year’s total. 


As always, the Lego Brickfest people treated us well with badges, pizza, and water.  We had a very nice sized area for our table and BAT area.  Our changing room was really close as well.  Not as big but we have changed in tighter spaces.  J  We were not prepared for the early 9am crowd Saturday morning but they were all asked to come back at 10am when BAT would open.  Scott, Patience, Joseph, and Benny from Toys for Tots were a great help collecting money, nerf herding, and loading the guns.  It seemed to me to be less crowded then other years but I could be wrong as I was working the -table most of the time and didn’t get to see much.   



-Becca Romanoff 17435


Been slacking a bit on my reports. But, as always.. more photos that highlights the fun we all had! 







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I have been slacking! I have lots of troops to catch up on.... so here it goes. 




Troop #18

Date: 5/7/2017

Event: Cruise Aid Against Cancer 


This was a great time! 1st troop for us. I asked everyone and most troopers said that they would do this troop again. Only one said that they would return to squire if needed. 


I was the 1st to arrive and met with the staff at the Car Show, they were happy to see us and instructed us where to park. We all were able to park our cars inside the service garage, and when everyone arrived, it was closed and secured. No attendees could access this area. 


Our changing area was up 2 small flights of stairs, we had 2 changing areas. One with a camera (office area) Some of us decided to change there, who cares right? lol And others decided to change in the locker room area. 

After we all were dressed and ready to go, we had our group photo and mingled with the crowd. We received a lot of hugs, and attendance was about average considering that the weather is mostly to blame. The rain was off and on, and it was chilly. Poor Georgia may have been the only one suffering from the elements. We posed with a lot of cars, and staff there and of course the kidos.  I hope that we are invited back to do this troop again, and hopefully the weather is more in our favor. 


Our contact said that he really appreciated us being there and it looks like everyone was having a great time!


In Attendance

  1. Preston - TK
  2. Luke R - Kasyyyk Trooper
  3. Georgia - Mara Jade
  4. Josh K - TK
  5. Doug H - ShdowTrooper/Jawa
  6. Laurette- Jawa
  7. Larissa - Jawa
  8. Kevin C.- Royal Guard (Temp Approval)
  9. Papa Hutnik - Squire
  10. Jeff W. - Squire
  11. Andrew L - Squire








Everyone Got a Trading Card! 


Much Hugggs


Troop #19

Date: 5/13/17

Event: Iron Pigs Baseball


Star Wars Night at the Iron Pigs! This was a short troop due to the game being postponed and rescheduled because of the rain, but we trooped for about 3 hours and entertained the crowd. I think we all made the best of the situation!


We arrived on scene and met with Zach from the Iron Pigs, who was kind enough to allow us to drop off our gear on the west side entrance of the stadium where it was much closer to our changing area. Once we were ready to go, Zach discussed our schedule in hopes we would still be able to squeeze in the game. We had a series of skits planned with the pigs, but it never happened after the game delays to eventual cancellation. So we did our best! 


We mingled to with the crowd that did show up (which was still decent considering the weather) and had a lot of fun. We started off the main level, and the spread out over the stadium, we went to the suites on the 2nd floor and dugout areas. Surprised a few fans, and had some laughs. 


The squires as usual were phenomenal in helping us getting ready. Handing out trading cards, and help take photos. We seriously could not have done any of this without them. Major props to them. 


Best part of the night? After we did our troop, Zach came back into our changing area and wants to reschedule Star Wars night this year, so we hope to be invited back for a more proper Star Wars night at the Iron Pigs Baseball! Most of us went to the T.K. for after eats, where the fun continued.  








Troop #20

Date: 5/20/17

Event: Breakfast with the Characters


Once we arrived, and cramped up in our room we changed and hit the Breakfast area. We were greeted by a few kids, and after a little while the place started to get  busy. Photo ops, and sitting at the round table were of course my favorite parts. Getting whacked with the saber by mini kylo was a little much, as I understand it.. Rob also got whacked pretty good, but our squire did her best to keep the local kids in line. 


After a few whacks, we all brushed it off and posed with the kiddos some more, and our host was very grateful that we attended the event. They raffled off a few star wars goodies, and even a mountain bike. Soon after the raffle it wrapped up around 10:30 AM. 


We all decided to go have a traditional Irish Breakfast at a local tavern in Bethlehem. It was a fun time as always! 


In Attendance for Carida


  1. Preston - TK
  2. Kevin C - Royal Guard (1st Troop)
  3. Luke M - Kylo Ren
  4. Dean - Vader
  5. Meredith - Juno Eclipse
  6. Agent M - SQUIRE
  7. Pete Faas - SQUIRE (left early)


Members of Ghost Base were also in attendance, and is ALWAYS fun when we can have a dual troop. 


Ghost Base

  1. Rob Harvey - Clone
  2. Douglass Hutnik - Jawa / Teebo





My Father's 1st troop! 








Memorial Day R&R with Friends and Family (not official troop, but we had fun)

Date: 5/28/17


I will let the photos speak for themselves. 





Buckets off for the Fallen...




Back to Trooping.. 


Troop #21 

Date: 6/8/17

Event: Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball


I traveled 4-5 Hours across state to meet and troop with a lot of the troopers for the 1st time in my garrison. Me and the wife made it a weekend!  We had a lot of fun, and I am not much for words, but here are some photos! But, one of the troopers in our garrison popped the question!


This is our 3rd year with the Pittsburgh Pirates. As usual they treated us really really well. We received comped parking then we're shown up to the suite after check in. They provided us with an assortment of drinks like water, coke, diet coke and sprite. They also gave us Pita chips with several dips, chips, pasta, hot dogs and sauerkraut and chicken wings. They had a schedule for us per usual where we started off with a group photo and then split up into our groups, we went to our arranged areas until 7pm for our first break. After that we only really had to keep to 1 more time slot for more pics but they only took small groups from there for the pierogie race, spot the cow and the mystery box. 


I didn't see any problems this year, no one got sick or passed out and I didn't hear any complaints. It was a lot cooler than previous years which was really nice. As usual they provided us with a ton of shirts and hats this year too, i ended up leaving with a box full of last years shirts. Kristen, her sister, mom and the kids joined us in the suite this year which was really nice. We provided them with shirts and hats, and i was able to get them something off of the dessert cart too. They had a blast and the boys even got to help the troopers flip the K's. I felt that everything went pretty smoothly, everyone seemed to get along and no one was pushy about their shirts. And thank you everyone for cleaning up after yourselves, even though we still got out late we got out a lot earlier than last year. 


Cassie was also made an honorary Ghost Base member, and as she let TJ's family in with us I gave her some TJ SWAG


I want to thank everyone who came and made this go well. Below is a list of attendees and no shows, all Carida, none from GB. A list of names has been turned into Matt Stahlman. 





Me and the "wife."









After the baseball game, an armor party was on the horizon where I met a lot of people for the 1st time, and I ate myself.....


Armor Party

Date: 6/10/17


I discussed armor with a Cadet that was their and gave him some pointers on trimming. But it was mostly a good time socializing with my friends from the west side of the state. 









Troop #22


The last entry for this post is .... <<<<<<ERROR:///>>> 

CLASSIFIED INTEL...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




/./////////////////////////////////////////////////////// SOURCE: HAMPTON IMPRESSIONS

//////////////////////////////////////////////PASSWORD REQUIRED...........


OPERATION P___RO>>>M0-------V...I.......O 




---------------TERMINATED-----TILL NEXT TIME ;)

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Don't you hate it when they leave ya on cliffhanger! Great post Preston! Love the pictures.

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Always a stellar read my friend - fist bump!



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