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White of TM armor and RS helmet

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I have a question an Hope someone can help me.<br><br>

I have my TM armor 1.5 ABS Gloss finished and wait for the helmet (a gut from Germany has Said to finish the Helmet For me)<br><br>

Now he told me that i Could get bis 1st Generation helmet from RS instead of the TM. Because he Is sorry for the Long waiting Time.<br><br>

I am shure the RS has got a othee white than the TM but Is IT a bin Differenze ?<br><br>

I am Not shure what to do :( may someone Could help me!<br><br>

All the best<br>


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I can't answer your question exactly as I don't have a TM helmet ( ;0( ) <br>

But I have experience .. Amfewvyears ago I had a painted helmet and abs armour . The white paint I used wasn't the same as the White of my plastic armour .<br>

I trooped for several years with this set up and no one ever noticed . It really doesn't matter .<br>

And , remember ....the background helmets in the movie were painted !!! <br>

I would say , buy an RS helmet , you will love it . <br>

And as a bonus, you will have it in just a couple of weeks .

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I have the TM armor and another member in our Garrison has RS the RS won't match your armour. Its close but clearly different enough. The RS has a pitted finish. TM does not.

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