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  1. Thanks, all. I have now ordert a helmet from Paul, and will sell the RS helmet so everyone is happy
  2. Thx than i will do it so! But than i have to get a TM Helmet Kit to try build it by myself thx a lot
  3. Hello,<br><br> I have a question an Hope someone can help me.<br><br> I have my TM armor 1.5 ABS Gloss finished and wait for the helmet (a gut from Germany has Said to finish the Helmet For me)<br><br> Now he told me that i Could get bis 1st Generation helmet from RS instead of the TM. Because he Is sorry for the Long waiting Time.<br><br> I am shure the RS has got a othee white than the TM but Is IT a bin Differenze ?<br><br> I am Not shure what to do may someone Could help me!<br><br> All the best<br> Alexander
  4. Good idea THX!! Can someone give me the meassurement of the part in mm so i can use a ABS of my armor ? THX Alexander
  5. Hello Guys, got my Doopydoos STORMTROOPER E-11 COMPLETE ANH E-11 BLASTER KIT OFFER yesterday and after being very happy 20 minutes i realised that a part is missing L. It is the bow under the trigger on the Screenshot its number 3. Have doopydoos sent an email with the issue lets see if and what they say. Meanwhile the question here, does anyone may have a 3D File of that bow so I could (if doopydoos does not answer) make a 3D Print of that part at a friend. Thx and best regards Alexander
  6. OK find out that the gap between forearm and biceps is too big, will reduce it tomorrow.
  7. Morning Did a little fitting tests with the thighs Armor and got to the point that my butt and the top of my thighs are too fat for the 20 mm Cover Strip so i can't pull the more up as in the picture. Maybe I could solved this with a bigger Cover strip but then there is a gap at the bottom of the tight where no cover strip is glued. So, would the distance between butt and Thigh Armor cause me to not get centurion status if all other conditions are fulfilled? Kind regards Alexander
  8. Hallo@all Last week i got the Cover Straps from Paul so I finished the gluing jobs as good as I can. Here is the result, the only think I have a problem with is the “big” black in the back between butt and thigh on the right side. May I will be able to get the butt more down or the thighs more up. Anyone an idea what I can do ? Please also tell me what’s wrong or what I should do better, ANY comment is desired. Today I will glue the Latex Hand plates to the Rubber Gloves, Helmet will come from a Friend and E11 Doopydoos Kit is on the way. TD is ready but I forgot to put it on The goal is to get Centurion Rank ok blaster and Helm is still missing but will come soon (I hope so) Best regards Alexander
  9. Hello guys its really hard to wait for the helmet and the cover straps so i did all (i think) i could do without thi sparts. All Parts are fitted and fixed with tape, because i also will get belt and holster from Paul this photos are without that parts. I also painted the Buttons with Humbrol, and think didn't get soo bad criticism is desired Alexander
  10. hello, have put the side split rivets in, first i tried the brass i got, but with them i got a small problem so i switched to the silver ones. Think this should not be a problem because the have to be white painted So to shorten the waiting time i started trimming the parts and fixed them with tape, my mannequin looks really nice. Cant wait to get the helmet from dr. senf and the other parts from Paul.
  11. Today i'm planning to put the side rivets in but first i'm not 100% how i should do it. first i thought i will try split rivet - armor - male snap, but this looks not so stable for me. So i think to only put the 6 rivets in with washers and glue nylon snap plates next to them. regards Alex
  12. Any my mannequin from Phoenix Props (Thx again for great contact and fast shipping)
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