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Supanova Perth 2016 (Supporting Red Nose Day)

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EVENT: Supanova 2016


LOCATION: Perth Convention Center


DATE: 25 and 26 June




BH7642 - Mark - Kade

TB85421 - Glen - gmrhodes13

DZ4582 - Michael - Chivo

TD84001 - Tahlee - Tahly

TI10996 - Jo - mitchuru

TK10589 - Tom - stevetheemu

TK5841 - Wilson - Evilcat

SL51164 - Stuart - DV64

TB20074 - Wayne - Wayne74

TK10469 - Ben - BennyTK

TI22414 - Sinead - sinurt

TI14240 - Stuart - Sndeath

TK671 - Mark - TK671

DZ11880 - Patricia - RoyalRebel

CT79969 - Daniel - ParsleyBoi

TK77620 - Aaron - Darth Reign




Chris A










Galactic Academy:



REPORT: On a cold, wet morning, in a galaxy far far away, the troops all gathered in the Perth Convention Centre at 8am. After we all got a picture on the awesome Speeder bike (great work Chivo :D ) we all kitted up and got ready for the crowds.


The 501st Desert Scorpion squad had an amazing display, and there seemed to be a continuous crowd waiting to try out the Speeder Bike. A few were frightened by the sudden movement of the resident Biker Scout or the sounds of the bike taking off!!


All the wranglers were working really hard keeping the crowds in check, shaking those tins collecting lots of money for SIDS for kids and showing off their photography skills by helping the public take photos.

There were a couple of pesky ewoks who came over for a photo as well as several Rey's and Lord Vader was reunited with his grandson and also found a female Vader :heart: !!


All in all it was a great day and was an awesome turnout by our troops.


CHARITY: SIDS for kids Total: just over $3500


A few photos from the day






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